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History of Gambling in India

Ancient Buddhist texts show that ancient Indians gambled by using walnuts from the Vibhitaka tree as dice in 300 B.C. The Astragali swapped dice when the game of Parcheesi became popular. In addition to table games and tables, ancient Indians gambled with their own animals, including wagering on wars, fighting roosters, and horses.

During the 15th century, gambling became widespread in the subcontinent, leading to the growth of gambling in India. Local governments strictly regulated their own rules to ensure that casino online in India was fair, and just.

Western Influences

Soon, when land and ocean trade prevailed, European countries and kingdoms left their own footprint on the development of Indian gambling. Modern gambling, such as cricket and horse racing, opened a new era of modern gambling. The rapid inflow of other, more comprehensive forms of gambling required more comprehensive and different legislation than the local ones. So in 1867, the Public Gambling Act was passed. The law prohibited the use of gambling, with some exceptions. This law is still in force today. Nevertheless, some provinces and cities adopted their own laws to keep up with the technological advances that came with modern gambling.

Currently, there is a rapid development of Indian online casinos. Every year the number of them increases, and therefore the competition increases, forcing Indian online casinos to offer huge bonuses to attract customers. Now is the best time to sign up and start gambling – there have never been such huge bonuses. 

Indian Online Casinos

The online casino industry in India is experiencing significant growth. More and more gamblers are reorienting themselves to the online format. This is also due to the convenience of not having to leave home to play, as well as the coronavirus and various restrictions.  Moreover, if gambling is illegal in your state, only an online casino can provide you with safe gambling. 

One more plus of Indian online casinos is big winnings and generous bonuses. This is still a young industry that is trying its best to attract as many customers as possible, so the sign-up bonuses at some Indian online casinos are sometimes amazing. Moreover, many sites have referral programs, so you can get bonuses for friends you invite to play. 

The next positive thing about Indian online casinos is the large selection of gambling games. Whereas a regular casino has a limited number of slot machines, the internet offers you an endless variety of games that will suit both beginners and professionals in the world of gambling. Also, many online casinos in India have a sports betting section on their sites. And usually, you can bet on dozens of different sports disciplines on one site. 

The advantage of Indian online casinos is the fact that most platforms have their own mobile applications. This allows you to play your favourite gambling games anywhere. It is much more convenient for people to play through a cell phone than to visit a regular casino. 

The security provided by most online casinos in India meets modern standards. Customers rarely fall prey to online scammers, and their personal data is secure. Nevertheless, it is worth making sure that the casino is reliable before registering an account and making a deposit. Below you will find a list of reliable Indian online casinos and a brief overview of them. 

Pin-up Casino in India

Indian online casino Pin-up Casino provides a wide selection of gambling games. Immediately after opening the site, you will be surprised by the variety of gaming options. Indian online casino Pin up offers a bonus of up to 25,000 rupees on your first deposit. The site is secure, has customer support, and has been operating since 2016. Over the years, Indian online casino Pin up has earned a brilliant reputation in the world of gambling. The customer support team helps everyone who asks for help with issues such as registering, making a deposit, installing a mobile app, and so on. 

The Aviator gambling game is available at Pin-up casino, which has already managed to win millions of hearts around the world due to its simplicity and fast gameplay. This game allows you to potentially make a lot of money. The gameplay consists of three simple steps:

  1. The user determines the size of the bet and confirms it;
  2. Waits until a new game round starts;
  3. Withdraws the winnings until the plane leaves.

BetVisa in India

BetVisa is one of the most profitable Indian online casinos thanks to the bonuses offered to customers. You can get up to 20,000 rupees as a first deposit bonus. This allows you not only to enjoy gambling but also to make money. 

You can also make money from betting on sports. BetVisa in India offers a wide range of sports and cybersports disciplines. Every day you can bet on hundreds of matches. With honest and high odds, sports betting is very profitable. 


Indibet online casino offers a large selection of gambling games. You can see this for yourself by opening the Indibet website. The Indibet online casino site has become popular not only in India but also in other Asian countries. Indibet offers a wide selection of games ranging from roulette, poker and blackjack to live dealer games. 

The welcome bonus for the first deposit, provided by Indian online casino Indibet, reaches 10,000 rupees, and the site itself is designed in pleasant shades of blue to enhance the visual enjoyment of gambling. 

To start playing at the online casino, register on the official website and go through the verification procedure. After that, make your first deposit by choosing a convenient payment system and get a welcome bonus. 

Loyalbet in India

Indian online casino Loyalbet offers a bonus of up to 13,000 rupees on your first deposit. One of the main advantages of the casino is the modern mobile app, which has retained all the features of the official website. To download the mobile app, go to Loyalbet’s official website and download the app file. 

Note that the mobile app of any Indian online casino needs to be downloaded only from the official website. This allows customers to be sure that when downloading and installing the application to their mobile devices, no virus program will get in. 

Perspectives of Online Casinos in India

VR Casinos

One of the main drawbacks of online casinos is that they lack the traditional atmosphere that conventional casinos have. In spite of the fact that developers of Indian online casinos make a lot of efforts to create a unique site design and necessary atmosphere, visitors are still looking at the screens of phones or computers, and the objects around them don’t resemble a real casino. 

In this regard, there is a possibility of a VR casino. This will give customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Indian online casino gambling. This will completely turn the gambling market upside down. Let’s wait and follow the news. 

Payment in Cryptocurrency

Some Indian online casinos already accept payment in cryptocurrency. It can be predicted that this trend will continue and soon all Indian online casinos will accept payment in cryptocurrency. This allows for fast and secure transactions with more anonymity. Some customers are especially worried about the protection of their personal data, so cryptocurrency is in demand in Indian online casinos. 

Nevertheless, we can state the fact that still, not all online casinos accept payment in rupees. This shows that the developers of such sites are not inclined to increase the number of payment systems and accepted currencies with which the casino works. This may slightly slow down the spread of cryptocurrency in Indian online casinos. 

Mobile Application Development

Almost every Indian online casino has its own mobile application. The popularity of mobile gambling is increasing every year. In the nearest future, you can expect an accelerated pace of development of mobile applications for online casinos in India. It’s likely that customers will be offered additional bonuses for downloading and installing a mobile application. Even now the functionality of applications is almost as good as the official sites of Indian online casinos. It can be assumed that in the future mobile applications will get exclusive gambling games and special bonus offers for customers. 


The Indian online casino industry is developing very rapidly. In the near future, we will continue to see growth in the number of online casinos. Due to this, there will be more online scammers, so gambling enthusiasts should check the site for safety before they start playing.


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