What is the Difference Between CBG and CBD?

The cannabis plant is swiftly making its position higher in the market with its wondrous cannabinoids being explored by researchers. When you talk about cannabinoids, CBD oil instantly crosses your mind, but now it is a lot more than just CBD. Various cannabinoids are being explored and exposed to research and tests. CBG or Cannabigerol found here is another cannabinoid of cannabis plants that recently made its way to the market.

CBG oil is a lesser-known product than CBD, but research shows that CBG, too, possesses miraculous healing effects just like CBD. Here we talk about how both of them differ in various aspects so that you may better distinguish between them. The more you know, the easier it is to make a choice. Stick around to understand the difference between CBD and CBG.

CBG vs. CBD: Structural Differences

The molecule of CBG cannabinoid is different from CBD. Although the same elements combine to form CBD and CBG, the atoms arrange differently in both of them. The positions of bonds in the molecule make a considerable difference in the chemical nature of the compound. It’s vital to understand the three-dimensional structure of CBD and CBG.

You might wonder how the molecular structure is even important because a molecule’s three-dimensional structure determines its binding ability. Also, the chemical structure is crucial to bioavailability as well as its compatibility with the aqueous mediums.

Pharmacological Differences

According to research, CBD and CBG interact differently with the endocannabinoid receptors. It makes a huge difference in the mechanism. A recent study shows that CBD and CBG show contrasting behavior while interacting with serotonin receptors. This very fact contributes to their different effects on nausea.

CBD acts as an activator, thus helping alleviate nausea, while CBG being an antagonist, shows no apparent effects to relieve nausea. In addition, it was found that their binding positions and active sites are similar, yet they show different effects.

How Can CBD Help You?

CBD is widely being used to improve the condition of people going through several medical discomforts. Following is a list of some of the ways CBD may help you:

  • CBD helps improve appetite, while CBG doesn’t have this benefit to offer. So be it humans or animals, CBD helps improve gut function and appetite.
  • Anyone going through any conditions that involve inflammation may seek help from CBD as CBD tends to show apparent effects to reduce inflammation in various parts of the body.
  • CBD helps reduce factors that contribute to the breakdown of nerve cells. Facilitating a healthy growth of nerve cells, CBD contributes to neuroprotection.

How Can CBG Help You?

  • CBG actively stimulates factors that make the skin healthier and glowing.
  • It helps relax the blood vessels, hence contributing to the normalization of blood pressure and stress management.
  • Helps relieve


Full-spectrum CBG and CBD oil can be used to manage various health conditions that otherwise might be very frustrating. Both have different structural properties, but it’s observed that they show more or less similar effects with variation in a few aspects.

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