How to Groom Your Maine Coon Cat

Taking care of your Maine coon is a necessary thing to do. But beyond its necessity, it provides a moment with your furry friend that helps establish a bond. This will in turn increase trust and communication flow with the pet.

However, to groom this breed, you need guidance, which is what we are here to provide. If you want to know whether this breed is good for you, you can check out holistapet Main Coon guide to get information about the breed’s traits.

Expert Tips for Grooming a Maine Coon

Grooming a Maine coon involves a whole lot of things. Although brushing their furs clean is part of it, you need to bathe them and use the right skin products on them. Some things to do to groom your pet are as follows:

1. Brush and Care Regularly

Maine coon

Brushing your pet every morning may come off as a daunting task. But you should see it as a way of bonding. Because of how wonderful its skin is, it requires regular brushing and caring.

You should brush the furs with either a nylon or rubber brush. This may not take out a lot of tangles, but it sets the pace for the grooming. Once this is done, it begins to disentangle the furs.

After this is done, you can now use a brush to raise the relaxed hairs on your pet’s body and prevent it from drying out. Well, your efforts may still be greeted by the regular tangling of hairs. Therefore, it is important you get a comb that has a wide tooth. If eventually, the hair gets matted, you can use a milder method to settle this issue.

Since it is difficult to gain the trust of this breed (as it concerns grooming), especially in the belly areas, it is wise to avoid using scissors to cut through its hair. You could also visit a vet doctor for further instructions on what to do.

2. Avoid Cutting the Furs

While it may be enticing to just cut off the cat’s fur entirely; to give it a “lion cut” hairstyle (In this style, the furs are shaved off in every part except on the paws and head. This haircut makes them have the look of a baby lion), it is not advised.

This is because the lasting effects of fur damage cannot be underestimated. And a Maine coon takes a long time to grow a beautiful coat. Also, cutting the furs makes it susceptible to sunburn especially if the cat likes to stay outdoor.

Therefore, don’t just decide to clear off its fur because of the hot weather. You may want to consider what happens after summertime. You can consider planting cool shades within your yard and have some freshwater handy. This should go a long way.

Additionally, don’t forget to ask your veterinary doctor for more assistance before getting a professional haircut for your pet. Haircuts like the lion cut are meant for a particular purpose and time to prevent matting and unnecessary tangling of the fur. If this is not so, then you may have to reconsider giving that innocent cat a haircut. You can click here to read more about shaving your Maine Coon.

3. Regular Bathing

The ancient myth about cats and water being incompatible is no longer functional in our days. Your cat enjoys having a regular bath every time as it keeps its furs healthy. Bathing may be one of the scariest grooming processes. But one step at a time; taking baby steps will gradually lead you to improvement. Therefore, you need patience.

Some steps to observe before bathing the cat are:

  1. Do it slowly and cautiously.
  2. For every little progress made at bathing your pet, reward it.
  3. Never you under any circumstance hold your cat forcefully under water except you don’t love that cat and want to kill it, which is not even advisable.
  4. If the cat feels discomfort, relax, and come back later.

4. Trimming the Cat’s Nails and Maintenance

To you as a human, the cat’s nails are weapons of destruction. But to the cat, they are a symbol of strength, comfort, balance. Thus, any changes you may want to effect must be done with the utmost care, consideration, and respect for the animal.

However, there are some cases of severe health issues where the vet will advise you to clip off the claws. Otherwise, save your feline friend from harm. This is because when its claws have been clipped off, it faces a greater risk trying to walk and perform daily activities. As a result, extra care and attention may be needed.

An alternative to clipping the nails (claws) is to get your cat to perform certain exercises that will require using the claws. That way, they will naturally clampdown. This is a win-win because the cat is having fun while the nails are trimmed in a healthy manner.

5. Brushing the Teeth

Feeding your cat with wrong or dry food will cause the teeth to suffer. Therefore, brushing the teeth is a compulsory aspect of grooming.

Brushing can give them that healthy, sparkling teeth needed to appear charming before anyone. Therefore, spend a few minutes daily, perhaps thrice a week, to brush your Maine coon’s teeth.

For easy brushing, make use of finger brushes and cat toothpaste. Make sure to gently brush the teeth without forcing the cat to do so. If it resists, please don’t force it. Also, to be on the safe side, visit a vet doctor on a regular basis for checkups on your pet’s teeth. You can click on to learn more about grooming a Maine Coon cat.


Looking good is good business. So, you need to take proper care of your pet. It is not an easy task at all. But with the guide we provided, you should know where and how to start.

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