Investing In NSE: Trent An Overview Guide

NSE: Trent is one of India’s most prominent retail companies, known for its high-quality products and customer service. Trent Ltd is a part of the Tata Group, one of India’s giant conglomerates of businesses.

Trent nse operates in various markets, including fashion, food, and electronics, and has a broad portfolio of brands. Today in this article about nse: trent, We will go into greater detail about the company’s past, present, and prospects in this piece. Click Here for more information.

NSE: Trent A Leading Retailer on the National Stock Exchange of India

NSE: Trent A Leading Retailer on the National Stock Exchange of India

Trent Limited is a leading Indian retail company in the lifestyle retail segment. The nse: trent company was founded in 1998 and is part of the Tata Group, one of the largest corporate conglomerates in India. Trent operates through several retail chains, including Westside, Star Bazaar, and Landmark.

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) lists the company’s shares under the “TRENT.” Due to the company’s promising growth potential and solid financial performance, the stock has been a favorite among investors.

Trent’s share price on the NSE has increased during the past 12 months. The stock had risen from its 52-week low of INR 1,048.90 to INR 1,868.60 as of April 21, 2023. The company’s share price has increased significantly by more than 78%.

There are several causes behind the increase in Trent’s share price. First, by opening new stores and enlarging old ones, the corporation has increased its retail footprint throughout India. Due to this, Trent has driven up market share.

What Is Trent Share?

Trent Share

“Trent Share” refers to the Trent Ltd. shares listed and traded on India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE). Since Trent is a publicly traded company, investors can buy and sell its shares on the stock market.

Shareholders are entitled to a percentage of the company’s profits and losses, and each Trent share represents a portion of the company’s ownership. Trent must publish its financial performance and other information as a publicly traded company for investors to make educated decisions on the purchase and sale of Trent’s shares.

Trent share investments can offer chances for capital growth and dividend income, but they also come with hazards. There is no assurance of returns, and share prices may fluctuate and be subject to market conditions. Before making any investment selections, it’s crucial to undertake careful research and analysis. It would help if you also spoke with a financial Adviser for advice on how to invest in the stock market.

What Is Trent Share Price Today?

nse: trent

Following is the share price of nse: tren

  • Trent share price  is 1,385.30 INR  As on 22 April, 2023 | 09:27
  • To check the current nse: trent stock price, visit the NSE or BSE website.

Trent Share Price Info

Trent Ltd is a listed company on India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE). The performance of the company’s finances and different market circumstances might cause changes in the share price of the company.

Trent’s share price on the NSE was INR1,385.30 INR 

on April 22, 2023. The company’s share price has consistently increased over the past few years, demonstrating its solid financial performance and promising future.

It is important to remember that stock prices fluctuate depending on several variables, such as market circumstances, economic data, corporate news, and other considerations. A comprehensive investigation and analysis should be done before making any investing decisions. Investors seeking assistance with stock market investment should also speak with their financial advisors.

Stock Analysis Report For Trent Limited

Stock Analysis Report For Trent Limited

According to the research, Trent Ltd. has received long-term price goals from 6 different analysts. An increase of 9.35% from the current market price of 1393.70 is possible at the average goal price of 1524.00.

The fact that one of the brokers lowered Trent Ltd. from its prior assessment is also stated. Without more details, it is challenging to speculate on the cause of this decrease. The fact that stock research reports are based on the opinions and projections of specific experts makes them vulnerable to interpretation. Before making any investment selections, investors should always carry out their investigation and analysis.

NSE: Trent Overview

Trent limited is one of India’s most prominent retail companies, known for its high-quality products and customer service. Tata Sons Ltd. established Trent Ltd. as a subsidiary in 1998.

At first, the business concentrated on selling clothing under the Westside brand. Over the years, Trent has added women’s, children’s, and accessory clothing to its activities and increased its product line.

In 2004, Trent launched its first hypermarket, “Star Bazaar,” to join the grocery retail market. Trent opened its flagship store, the “Trent Hypermarket,” in Bangalore in 2010. This store sold various goods, such as food, electronics, and home appliances.

One of India’s biggest and most well-known department store chains, Westside, is run by Trent Limited, a retail corporation. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) both offer public trading of the company’s shares. The performance of the Indian retail sector, business financials, and developments in the global economy are just a few of the variables that have affected the share price of Trent Limited throughout time.

Trent Tata Private Limited

The price of a Trent share on the NSE at the end of April 2023 was about INR 1,790. The market value of the corporation was roughly 56,215 crores of Indian rupees. Since April 2022, when it was around INR 820, the share price has increased significantly, reaching its current level.

Tata Trent, a division of the Tata Group, owns a sizable portion of Trent Limited. The company’s diverse retail portfolio includes Westside, Zudio, and Star Bazaar. With remarkable sales growth and profit margins, Trent Limited has recently displayed a financial solid performance. The company recorded consolidated revenue of INR 7,348 crores for the fiscal year 2021–2022 and a net profit of INR 693 crores.

According to analysts, future development prospects for Trent Limited are expected to be favorable as the business continues to increase its retail footprint and make investments in cutting-edge technologies and improved customer services. The target price for Trent shares in 2022 is around INR 2,000, but this is subject to vary based on various market and economic circumstances.

NSE: Trent Business model

Trent Ltd operates through various retail formats, including Westside, Zudio, and Star Bazaar. Westside is the company’s flagship brand and offers a wide range of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories.

Zudio is a high-quality fashion brand that offers affordable clothing and accessories. Star Bazaar is Trent’s grocery retail brand, offering various products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged groceries, and essential household items.

The company has also ventured into electronics retail through its Trent Hypermarket brand.

Trent’s omnichannel retail strategy calls for the company to operate offline and online. Tata Cliq, the company’s online store, offers various goods in areas like apparel, electronics, and home appliances. Additionally, the online store provides features like free shipping, simple returns, and same-day delivery in a few areas.

NSE: Trent Financial Results

Over the years, Trent Ltd. has consistently produced outstanding financial results. The company reported sales of INR 3,607 crore for the fiscal year 2021, an increase of 7.3% from the prior year.

The company’s EBITDA increased by 31.7% from the previous year to INR 385 crore. Trent’s net profit increased by 50.2% from the prior year to INR 123 crore.

Trent’s businesses for internet retail have also experienced significant growth. Tata Cliq, the company’s online platform, reported INR 3,163 crore in revenue for the fiscal year 2021, an increase of 70% from the year before.

NSE: Trent Future Prospects

Given the rising customer demand for branded goods and the expansion possibilities of the Indian retail market, Trent Ltd. has a promising future for growth. The corporation has been increasing its retail footprint nationwide and intends to do so.

To meet the rising demand for online shopping in India, Trent is also investing in its online retail operations. Tata Cliq’s product selection will be increased as part of its strategy to strengthen its supply chain and logistical capabilities.

NSE Option Chain Data

NSE Option Chain Data

An options chain is a financial instrument that provides traders and investors with detailed information about various options contracts. The Indian NSE (National Stock Exchange) offers an options chain facility that lists all available option contracts for a given stock or index. The option chain provides vital data such as strike price, expiry date, bid and ask price, implied volatility, and open interest.

Option Chain Sensibull

Sensibull is an online options trading platform that offers a comprehensive options chain analysis tool to help traders make informed decisions. The Sensibull option chain provides additional data, such as the Greeks, which include Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, and Rho. These parameters help traders understand each option’s contract’s risk and reward potential.

Traders can use the options chain to perform various analysis such as B. Identifying trends, identifying opportunities, and risk management. Live options chain Nifty provides real-time data that helps traders stay updated with the latest market movements.

The Bank Nifty NSE Options Chain provides detailed data on options contracts for the Bank Nifty Index. Bank Nifty’s options chain helps traders analyze bank stock performance and make informed trading decisions.

Sensibull option chain data is beneficial for traders conducting in-depth analysis. The platform offers additional features like custom strategies, options calculator, and implied volatility charts to help traders make better decisions.


NSE: Trent – In conclusion, Trent Limited is a well-known participant in India’s retail sector, and its shares have had a strong recent performance. To make informed judgments regarding the purchase and sale of Trent shares, investors should monitor variables, including market trends, business financials, and general economic situations. Before making any decisions, as with any investment, careful research and analysis are essential.

The options chain is a fundamental tool for traders and investors who want to participate in the options market. By using the NSE or the Sensibull option chains, traders can access essential data to help them make informed decisions and manage their risk effectively.

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