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As reported by The two leaders who have resigned from the party are Sanjay Khunt and Mayursinh Jadeja.

In a setback to the Congress party in Gujarat, two more leaders from Rajkot have quit the party. The move comes ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in the state and will likely impact the Congress’ electoral prospects.

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According to, two of the Congress party’s taluka presidents in Gujarat’s Rajkot district have resigned from their positions and primary party membership, delivering the party yet another setback.

Sanjay Khunt, the president of the Rajkot taluka Congress committee, and Mayursinh Jadeja, the head of the Lodhika taluka Congress committee, resigned on Monday, claiming a lack of leadership and focus from the top leadership.

Despite having several youthful people on his team, Khunt claimed that the Congress party did not pay attention to the organization at the taluka level. Similar comments were expressed by Jadeja, who said that no one was paying attention to what they could accomplish and for whom. He continued by saying that he decided to leave since the senior leadership in Congress did not back him.

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Accordant with rajkot news the BJP in power for more than two decades, the Congress party in Gujarat has been fighting for years to keep its grip on the state. The party time rajkot chances have been further harmed by several departures and divisions within its ranks.

As per the rajkot city news, these resignations come just a few months before the state assembly elections, and the Congress party is already grappling with multiple defections and dissensions within its ranks.

The standing of the Congress in the state was further weakened in April when Indranil Rajguru, a former Congress MLA from Rajkot, joined the Aam Aadmi Party.

The Congress party is running out of time to respond to the worries of its leaders and workers and mount a serious challenge to the BJP, which is now in power, with the state assembly elections just a few months away.



According to In response to the resignations, Gujarat Congress President Jagdish Thakor said that while some leaders may be unhappy.

The BJP engages in the political practice of buying people with threats and money. People are permitted to make their own decisions, he continued.

In Gujarat, where it expects to make a comeback, the Congress party faces a difficult fight. It relies on anti-incumbency and other concerns to turn the tide in its favor. However, the chances for the party have been severely harms by the most recent resignations of two taluka presidents.

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As stated by rajkot news today Sanjay Khunt and Mayursinh Jadeja’s resignations have once again highlighted the divisions inside the Gujarat Congress party. If the party wants to mount a serious challenge to the BJP in the forthcoming assembly elections.

According to, it will need to address the worries of its members and leaders. Since time is short, the Congress party needs to act quickly to turn around its fortunes in Gujarat.

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where is Rajkot?

Rajkot, a city in the Gujarat state of western India, has a storied past and a vibrant culture. It now has a population of over 1.5 million and is a thriving metropolis. Thanks to its thriving media sector, Rajkot is a hub for news and information from various industries, like politics, sports, entertainment, and business.

Rajkot News

Reading the many news sources at covering Rajkot is one of the most excellent methods to remain current on the most recent events in and around the city. Gujarati and English are two languages available for Rajkot news today, making it accessible to a large audience.

Rajkot Newspaper

As reported by newspapers like Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar, and The Times of India are good sources for Rajkot city news. It is simple for Rajkot locals to stay informed because of the broad local and national news coverage these newspapers provide.

Rajkot News Live TV Today

Rajkot has several TV news channels that provide news and information in Gujarati and newspapers. These networks, such as GSTV, TV9 Gujarati, and ABP Asmita, offer in-depth coverage of regional news, sports, entertainment, and

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According to Numerous websites provide Rajkot today news in Gujarati and English if you like to get your information online. Rajkot Today, Rajkot Updates, and Rajkot Express are a few of these websites. These websites provide the most recent news and details about events in and around Rajkot.

Rajkot Latest News

The website is among the most incredible places to find live news from Rajkot. This website updates the most recent events in and around Rajkot and breaking news, headline news, and information. It is a one-stop shop for news and information about the area, including news from neighboring cities and states.

Rajkot Population 2017

As reported by . In terms of population, Rajkot had a population of approximately 1.5 million in 2017, according to the Census of India. The city’s population has been steadily increasing due to its growing importance as an industrial and educational hub in Gujarat.

City News Rajkot

Several publications provide the most recent developments regarding breaking news about Rajkot. There are plenty of places to get the latest breaking news in Rajkot, whether you like newspapers, TV news programs, or online portals.

Rajkot is renown for its rich culture, traditions, and news and information. Numerous celebrations and events are held in the city, including the Navratri festival, which draws tourists worldwide. Rajkot is particularly well-known for its dayro Gujarati, a style of local folk music.

Conclusion: – The resignations of the two Congress leaders from Rajkot, Sanjay Khunt and Mayursinh Jadeja, have raised questions about the party’s leadership and its ability to retain its members. The party’s top leadership’s lack of support and attention were reasons given by the leaders for leaving the organization.

This development is not exclusive to Gujarat, as other states have also reported cases of leaders leaving the Congress. While blaming the BJP for using threats and money to buy out Congress leaders, Gujarat Congress president Jagdish Thakor acknowledged that leaders are free to pursue their agendas. How Congress will react to these resignations and address its constituents’ worries is yet to be seen.



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