Have you ever noticed that the watch you are wearing or the clock of your house has different symbols that depict the natural numbers? Like there signs which are reconsidered as actual numbers but, various signs and symbols are in use to represent those numbers. Not only in the watches or wall clock, but these symbols are also used as codes to send a paritcular message. Even in our class numbers, these symbols are in use. These symbols are in used since Roman times. Romans used these roman numerals instead of using actual numbers. These numerals are still in use as it is a concept of learning these numbers in mathematics. These roman numbers cannot fully replace the natural numbers but, sometimes these can be used to represent the numbers.

Let’s discuss more roman numerals:

  1. Roman numerals use limited symbols to represent the numbers, here:

I represent the number 1.

V represents the number 5.

X represents the number 10.

L represents the number 50.

C represents the number 100.

By using these limited numbers, students can make other numbers too. For example, By joining I and V, gives IV represents the number four.

  1. Students have to learn the first line from one to ten of the roman numbers with the symbols that represent ten, fifty, hundred, or thousand. By learning these numbers students will be able to make the other roman numeral by themselves.
  2. There are mainly three rules that a person should remember while writing the roman numerals. These rules are related to repetition, addition, and subtraction. These rules are very important while writing the roman numbers, as these rules will not be applied then the roman number will be considered invalid.
  3. In the rule of repetition, If numbers are written twice in roman numerals, their value will increase up to 2 or 3 times. The symbols such as I, V, or M have a limit to get repeated. These symbols can be repeated only three times and not more than and Symbols like L, V, and D will never get repeated.
  4. In the rule of addition, If a symbol with a smaller value has written on the right side of a symbol with a bigger value, a person can get a new symbol for representing a different number. For example, if we write V on the right side of X it will give us a new symbol which is XV which is equal to 15.
  5. In the rule of subtraction, If a symbol of a smaller value is written on the left side of the symbol with a bigger value. Then the symbols will get subtracted. For example, if we right X on the left side of C then we will get XC and this means that the numbers will be subtracted. But the symbols V, L, and D will not be cancelled from any symbol but, only I, X, or C are used in subtracting the symbols, which can be only 6 combinations.
  6. If there are long Roman numerals, it can be difficult for students to identify the number. If they know the whole topic and related to it, that will be easier for the students to learn and apply their knowledge while identifying the roman numbers. For example, if the number is 3817, in this we have to expand the numbers and represent their symbols and then calculate it. Here it would be 3000+800+10+6, that will give us MMMDCCCXVI.

From the points mentioned above, we can say that learning about roman numerals is very interesting. If students want to get extra knowledge and in-depth information about these roman digits, They can get this from the website of Cuemath. They also provide math worksheets so that students can practice on their own and improve. Learning about their numbers is unique and fun, people should show their interest in creating and solving these numbers.









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