Some of the best watches that are only on Netflix

Netflix has been producing some of the greatest content within the last few years however, with such a large library of Netflix Original titles, it can be hard to narrow down the best. Thankfully we have a list of some of the best content that can be found only on Netflix. Make sure you watch these titles in true cinematic style on a large flat-screen TV. Click here for TV wall mounting facilities. However, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Selling Sunset

Follow a group of empowered young females as they work within the leading, reputable, and High-end Oppenheim real estate group of Los Angeles. Selling Sunset follows their life of listings, luxury, friendships, and most importantly competitiveness. With big characters within, the show is nothing short of dramatic, and Netflix has blessed us with 4 entertaining seasons. You will be pleased to hear that a 5th one is on the way!

I Am Georgina 

Netflix’s newest series has got every young girl wishing they had a job in a Gucci store. I mean, if that leads to a relationship with one of the biggest stars in the world, then surely it could happen again!? I Am Georgina documents the life of Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and mother of his kids, Georgina Rodriguez, as the documentary covers how she went from nothing to everything upon meeting the football sensation.

After Life

Ricky Gervais has been praised for his role in this dark comedy-drama series featuring newspaper writer Tony, and his struggles in life following his beloved wife’s passing from cancer. Struggling to live life after her death, he contemplates suicide but then resorts to punishing the world surrounding him by acting how he wants no matter what the consequences may be.

The Tinder Swindler

Simon Leviev has become a household name overnight, and the wildest part? Even after this documentary, he is still roaming around a free man after scamming an estimated $10million through Tinder relationships, or fake relationships shall we say. Leviev, oh which is also a fake name, bonded with women through the dating platform, Tinder, and began a process called love bombing before making his so-called lover take out loans to fund his lavish and expensive lifestyle. The whole thing is completely mind-boggling but a very entertaining and interesting watch.

Woman in the Window

An agoraphobic sufferer, child psychologist, Anna Fox is the main character in this hit American thriller film that can be found only on Netflix. Fox’s time is consumed by binge-watching TV, excessive drinking, and taking her medication, which when combined, is highly detrimental to her mental state. She also spends her time looking out her window which takes a jarring effect on her after she witnesses her new neighbour’s wife getting brutally murdered in the apartment across the street. At least their son Ethan is the most normal person in the family who can assist with the murder conviction. Or is he?

Tiger King

The Tiger King hype may have deflated for some, but for others, it is only just beginning. Brought to us at the peak of the Coronavirus lockdown, Joe Exotic and his wild ways had us all consumed and engrossed in our TVs. Covering the GW Zoo of Oklahoma, Tiger King covered how Exotic exploited big cats in his money-making motive. Oh, and we forgot about the most exciting part, his rivalry, and feud with Carole Baskin!

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Staring starboy Aaron Hernandez, this docuseries portrays the dark side of the NFL star that the public had never seen on the field, as he was found a convicted murderer. Only on Netflix can you find out about the murders of Odin Lloyd, Daniel de Abreu, and Safiro Furtado, alongside complexity faced in Hernandez’s life with regards to his struggles with his sexuality, issues with his family, and more importantly the damaging effects of extreme sports, and the effects on the brain. Even if you are not a fan of sports, this is for sure a must-watch on the market-leading platform.

White Lines

When Zoe Collins finds out that her brother’s body has been found in Ibiza, she heads out to the party island to solve his presumed murder. As a DJ, Axel knew many on the island, and turns out that many knew him, making it hard for Zoe to retrace his steps. However, she manages to reunite with his friends, who may also be suspects in his death. Oh, and she has time for some holiday romance too. A great series, full of suspense, that you can find only on Netflix.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

We didn’t know that love letters were still a thing until we came across To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Young and innocent Lara Jean writes out five love letters to current and former love interests before umm, not sending them and storing them away in her closet. Safe, sound, and unreleased, until her little sister gets her hands on them that is! With the letters out and in the open, Lara Jean is made aware when Peter Kavinsky approaches her with a letter at school. However, it can be all that bad seeing as a romantic spark appears between her and a letter receiver. A popular and acclaimed teen click flick that you will be sure to love.

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