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Scam 1992 download free 123movies: The Harshad Mehta Story is an Indian Hindi language Financial Thriller TV Series broadcast on SonyLIV directed by Hansal Mehta and co-directed by Jai Mehta.

Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies Info

Based on the 1992 Indian stock market scam committed by many stockbrokers, including Harshad Mehta, the series is adapted from the 1992 book The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away by journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu.

Sumit Purohit, Saurabh Dey, Vaibhav Vishal, and Karan Vyas wrote the script and dialogues.

It stars Pratik Gandhi as the protagonist Harshad Mehta, while Shreya Dhanwanthary has a similar starring role as Sucheta Dalal. In key roles, the series also stars Satish Kaushik, Anant Mahadevan, Rajat Kapoor, K K Raina, Lalit Parimoo, Hemant Kher, and Nikhil Dwivedi. The series focuses on the life story of Harshad Mehta, his meteoric rise and subsequent fall.

Originally produced by Applause Entertainment’s Sameer Nair, Hansal Mehta spent three years writing the 550-page screenplay.

The project was officially announced in December 2019, and filming began after its announcement. Shot in 200 locations in Mumbai in 85 days, filming wrapped in March 2020. Pratham Mehta handled the camera, and Sumit Purohit and Kunal Walve edited the series. Acchint Thakkar composed the background music.

Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies overview

 Harshad Mehta Story Complete Series, All Seasons Online Free at 123Movies. This crime drama series was created by Hansal Mehta, received 9.5/10 ratings from IMDb, first aired in 2020 and is summed up with: Set in 1980s and 1990s Bombay.

Scam 1992 follows the life of Harshad Mehta , a stockbroker who single-handedly led the stock market to dizzying heights and its catastrophic crash. Directed by filmmaker Hansal Mehta., the series is based on the book “The Swindle” by journalists Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal.

Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies Details

Genre:                       Financial Thriller Drama

Biography:               Based on1992 Indian stock market scam

Written by:               Sumit Purohit

Saurav Dey

Vaibhav Vishal

Karan Vyas

Directed by:             Hansal Mehta

Jai Mehta

Starring:                  Pratik Gandhi

Shreya Dhanwanthary

Hemant Kher

Satish Kaushik

 Theme music composer:    Achint Thakkar

Country of origin:  India

Original language:  Hindi

No. of seasons:      1

No. of episodes:    10

Production Cinematography: Pratham Mehta

Editors:  Sumit Purohit

Kunal Walve

Running time: 42–60 minutes

Production companies: Studio NEXT

Applause Entertainment

Distributor:    SonyLIV


Original network  SonyLIV

Original release    9 October 2020

scam 1992 download free 123movies


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scam 1992 download free 123movies

Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies Episodes

 1st Episode “Risk Se Ishq.” – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

The episode begins with Sucheta Dalal narrate the rise of the Indian economy and the Bombay Stock Exchange in the 1990s. On April 22, 1992, Sharad Bellary, an employee of the State Bank of India, went to the offices of the Times of India to report a fraud worth ₹500 crores.

He informs Sucheta (Shreya Dhanwanthary) and tells her that Harshad Mehta (Pratik Gandhi) is behind the scam. In the beginning years, Harshad lived in a middle-class family with his wife Jyoti, brother Ashwin, mother Rasilaben and father Shantilal. Shantilal owned a cloth business but was not as successful.

So Harshad used to do some odd jobs to take care of the family. He was frustrated with the money problem. So he thought about working in the stock market. He got a job as a broker at the Bombay Stock Exchange. He befriended Bhushan Bhatt, who taught him some of the basics. Harshad struggled on day one but ended up being one of the best brokers out there. He then began gathering inside information to help him make profitable use of specific stocks.

But he wanted to increase his profits. He then quit his job and opened his business account with his brother Ashwin, which frustrated his father. Ashwin later gets married, and the whole family moves into a new apartment. To boost profits, Harshad began disseminating false inside information about the stocks he targeted. In this way, he managed to gain the support of Pranav Sheth, one of the BSE bulls, who was visibly impressed with his skills. In 1982 the Black Friday market collapsed due to the actions of the BSE bear cartel and Ajay Kedia and Harshad, and his brother had to deal with a £10,000 loss.

2nd Episode “Cobra Killer.” – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

With family gold, they can pay off part of their debts. Harshad’s trading account will remain blocked until the total amount is repaid. Before his father’s death, Harshad had vowed never to give up the Bombay stock market. After his father’s death, Ashwin informs Harshad that he plans to go to Sri Lanka to find work.

Frustrated by his inability to make it in the stock market, Harshad decides to start his own consulting business, making commissions. They call their consulting firm Growmore and initially target the tea market. Africa, the largest tea producer, has reduced its tea production due to unusual rainfall, which will benefit Indian tea companies. They manage to pay off their debts and regain access to their business accounts.

The company approaches many prospective clients to open accounts with them to use surplus funds in the stock exchange as part of its portfolio management program with the promise of good service and higher returns. Within six months, they have several local clients where they could convince corporate clients with the help of Pranav.

More About

More about Episode

While Sucheta learned the exchange concepts, Harshad was able to expand his business and take over Bushan. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi is appointed Prime Minister of India. Manu Mundra thinks the market will collapse; Pranav Seth believes the same but Harshad remains optimistic. Harshad believes in the ongoing liberalisation policy and buys as much as possible without a backup plan.

They choose to invest in oil and gas companies like Androl, Zuari Agro and SPIC because they are cheap and believe they will grow. To destroy Harshad’s reputation, Manu Mundra creates the impression that Harshad has lost more than a million rupees, prompting traders to sell Harshad’s shares. Once he finds out, Harshad decides to prepay all of his dues.

3rd  Episode “Paise Ki Dukaan – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

Once the money market catches Harshad’s attention, he forms his brokerage cartel and begins business with the banks. He soon finds SBI as his customer, and fortunes take a turn.

4 th Episode “Harshad Mehta is a liar.” – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

Harshad’s sudden success catches the attention of financial journalist Sucheta Dalal, who is actively seeking evidence against him.

5 th Episode “Kundli Mein Shani” – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

The governor of RBI sees a suspicious transaction on Harshad’s SBI account and asks the bank to keep a close eye on his funds’ movements. Harshad tries to save him and attempts to sweep 500 crores off the books.

6th Episode “ Stop Press.”  – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

While Harshad is paying off most of his debt to SBI, Sucheta, after being tipped off by Bellary, won’t give up on uncovering the 500-crore scam. Both have only twenty-four hours to turn the tables.

7 th Episode “Dalal Ka Dariya Street – Scam 1992 Download Free 123movies

Venkitarajan learns that several banks are involved in the money scam and that the scam is much larger than it appears on the surface. RBI sets up a committee of inquiry.

8 th Episode “Matador.” – Scam 1992 download

As soon as Sucheta learns from Venkatarajan of the NHB’s involvement in the scam, he releases this message, prompting the CBI to begin questioning Pherwani. Harshad fears Pherwani is telling the truth. After Pherwani’s death, the CBI searched Harshad’s home and arrested him.

9 th Episode “Ek Crore Ka Suitcase.”- Scam 1992 download

Even the government tries to negotiate with Harshad and his lawyer, but it doesn’t work. And one day Harshad, together with his lawyer Mr Ram Jethmalani held a press conference where they publicly announced to everyone that then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao received a briefcase worth 1 crore from Harshad to fund the election campaign partially.

10 th Episode “Banana Chahta Hoon Main Story.”- Scam 1992 download

CBI puts pressure on both Mehta and the Growmore clients, forcing most clients to fear prison. Delhi reaches an agreement with Harshad, based on which he withdraws his press release. Growmore is brought back to life with most of Harshad’s assets frozen.

But Bhushan’s revelation will soon turn Harshad’s world upside down. Bhushan sells Harshad’s shares due to torture at the hands of the Central Bureau of Investigation. Harshad and his brother Ashwin are extremely angry with Bhushan for this act.

Unaware of Bhushan’s plan in advance, Harshad informs the CBI of a scam at his company. Because of this scam, the CBI believes Harshad is involved in a new scam and arrests him. After several months in prison, Harshad Mehta suffers from a heart problem that causes him to die of a heart attack. The episode ends with the police storing his body in the lobby of Thane Police Station.


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