3 Effective Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Restaurant and Bar Owners

Environmental awareness has seen a recent surge in popularity in recent years. And even as many across the globe are focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more business owners are realizing the benefits of planet-saving practices.

For example, in a recent Pew Research poll, more than two-thirds of Americans think that the government should do more on climate-related issues. And though this still remains a divisive issue in the realm of political discussion, the fact remains that businesses are tapping into environmentally aware customer pools by embracing eco-friendly practices.

But environmental awareness doesn’t only include recycling or using energy-saving appliances. In fact, there are a variety of eco-friendly solutions that any business owner can implement, particularly when referring to the restaurant and bar industry.

If you’re interested in saving the planet and becoming more attractive to a growing population of environmentally conscientious patrons, the following will offer a few ideas to consider.

Agave Straws

One thing that most conservationists and environmental activists know is that single-use plastics are a huge concern when it comes to pollution, especially pollution of our rivers and oceans.

Single-use plastics include “disposable” plastic water bottles, mass-produced deli containers, plastic straws, and many other products. But plastic straws can actually harm the environment and aquatic wildlife in more ways than you might think.

As an alternative to plastic straws, consider using agave straws. These straws are made from the leftover pulp and nectar during the process of making tequila. And agave straws are not only 100 percent biodegradable, they can even be reused.

By using agave straws in your establishment, you’re not only saving the planet from a ton of plastic waste over time, but you’re also offering your patrons an eco-friendly alternative which may be considered an attractive trait by younger patrons.

Compostable Containers

In numerous reports concerning the restaurant and bar industry, the amount of plastic waste that just one restaurant can produce per year is around 100,000 pounds. If you multiply this by the million restaurants in the United States alone, that’s a lot of waste.

As an alternative to using plastic containers, compostable containers are made from upcycled plant material. This provides the same container that is 100 percent biodegradable, reusable, and can re-enter the environment without causing environmental concerns.

Some compostable containers are made from sugarcane byproducts, while others are made from a combination of natural and recycled fibers. And these products cover all of your to-go needs such as cold cups, bowls, hot cups, plates, cutlery, packaging, and even microwavable options.

Reusable To-Go Bags

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and bars were forced to shut their doors or rely only on curbside pickup, delivery, or other take-out options. And unless your establishment had available outdoor seating, depending on where your operation is located, you might have suffered a significant loss in business.

Since take-out has always been a popular option for those who want to enjoy the food from their favorite establishments in the comfort of home, having reusable to-go bags is not only a great eco-friendly option, it’s also a great marketing tactic to employ.

Offering customized reusable take-out bags is a great way to go green while also shamelessly promoting your establishment. This not only helps to create great brand awareness, it offers your eco-friendly patrons a promotional gift that they can use whenever they order take-out from your restaurant.

Reusable to-go bags are also perfect for storing other goods, shopping, and other activities. And the more your bags are in circulation, the more exposure and visibility you’ll be able to gain.

All in all, the variety of eco-friendly solutions available for businesses today increases year after year. And if you want to tap into the environmentally conscientious market which includes a large number of younger patrons, going green in your establishment is a great way to meet this goal.

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