Advertising In Houston 101

When it comes to marketing and advertising, there are many different strategies and options to take. In 2022 there have been many new content marketing trends and ways that brands can advertise and get their business out there. This, in turn, has led to the evolution of advertising options in Houston, Texas—one of the coolest places in the US which has a melting pot of a whole range of demographics and potentially new consumers for your business.

 This means that there has also been an evolution to the advertising funnel that your brand may want to consider when it comes to advertising in Houston. From utilizing billboards in Houston that allows your brand to come to life in a large and creative way to teaming up with emerging influencers who have the power to promote your brand authentically, we have rounded up all the things you need to know when it comes to advertising in Houston.

 1. Take Advantage of OOH Options

OOH (out of home) media has a huge footprint in Houston, which means that there are so many incredible locations to take advantage of and advertise on. With Houston being the most populated city in Texas, it means that there are huge audience pools you can target and an incredible amount of OOH media options to leverage.

 The OOH options range from billboards to street furniture, wallscapes, public transportation and even wildposting. Some of the key areas of Houston where these OOH assets are located included high tourist areas like the Space Center, the NRG Sports Stadium, the University of Houston and the four different airports located within the city.

 The variety of billboards in Houston and other OOH media options means that your brand can find the right assets that both suit your budget and also suit your demographics that you are trying to target.

2. Get Going on Social

Social media is huge in Houston, with a lot of the younger generations now being the target audience pools for numerous brands. In fact, over the last couple of years, there have been numerous shifts in regard to younger generations moving from both coasts over to Houston.

 One of the most powerful platforms to engage and advertise on for these demographics in particular is social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all allow you to run targeted advertising toward various demographics in Houston. So if you have not hopped on to this simple advertising method yet, it is a no-brainer if you are wanting to grow your consumer base in Houston.

3. Figure Out Your Purpose

The general public in Houston is passionate about standing up for various causes and supporting businesses with a purpose. So a great way to build out your advertising strategy in Houston is to establish your purpose and the values that are important to your brand. From there, that purpose should be incorporated into your advertising on all levels—no matter what medium you use. This allows you to really pull at the heartstrings first and align with consumer groups in Houston who equally hold the same values as you.

4. Do Big and Weird Things

Texas in general is different than the other states, in that they are always up for big, bold and crazy ideas. This means that another great way to go about advertising in Houston is to do non-traditional advertising tactics. This can include anything from doing crazy activations and pop-ups in the city center of Houston to swapping traditional advertising for street art advertisements that become iconic spots for people to take photos in front of.

 In Houston, there is so much competition and such a big physical footprint that you should always look to do your advertising in this city a bit differently. The results and payoff will be huge in the end—and allow you to make a lasting impression on a variety of people in the city.

5. Optimize Your Google Search

No matter who your target audience is in Houston for your advertising campaigns, you should always focus on optimizing your Google search—especially if you intend on also optimizing OOH media options in the city.

 This is because likely consumers who are interested in your brand and your campaign that they saw on OOH assets will end up Googling your company name to find out more or visit your website. So, you want to make sure that the likely search terms people will be typing in are optimized so that your brand actually does come up at the beginning of the results.


When it comes to advertising in Houston, there are so many great ways to approach your advertising strategy. From billboards in Houston to online campaigns, what will you be doing to get your brand out there?


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