How To Buy A House In Spain As A Foreigner?

If you are a foreigner looking to buy a house in Spain, you will have to go through bureaucratic procedures before purchasing a property.

The Spanish property market has many peculiarities, and it is worth doing some research before buying a home in Spain. Factors to consider when purchasing a Spanish property include property fraud, high capital gains taxes and fluctuations in the Spanish property market. Knowing what to expect when buying a property in Spain can help you avoid the pitfalls of building your life abroad.

The steps involved in buying a home are not always intuitive. In addition, it must be clear which taxes and duties we have to pay for the purchase of the property.

Whether you look for property in a major city or coastal areas like Madriddenia, Granada, Mallorca, Alicante, Valencia, Malaga, Almeria, Ibiza, Marbella, San Sebastian, Sitges, Spain or Portugal, Galicia, Madrid, Malaga, southern Spain, Spain Brexit or Barcelona, this article will guide you on how to buy a house in Spain from UK.

Requirements to buy a house in Spain

The thing you need (in legal terms) when buying a property in Spain as a foreigner is the NIE (Foreign Identification Number). This nie card Spain number, unique to each person, is essential for any transaction in Spain. As it must appear on all documents that you sign or issue in Spain, you must have it before the deed is signed. Getting nie card in pain is not complicated, but it does take a long time; Ask your real estate agent to help you how to get a nie card in spain to speed up the process as much as possible.

In addition, although it is not mandatory, having a bank account in Spain will make all the procedures easier as it will speed up payments and probably save you some commissions.

Finally, remember that once you own a property in Spain, you must appoint a tax representative if you are not a Spanish resident.

How to buy a property in Spain step by step

How to buy a property in Spain step by step

Although each buying process differs significantly, the stages found in any real estate transaction generally consist of the following:

TAX and budget planning

The buyer primarily bears the cost of buying a home and varies from region to region. Taxes and other duties payable by the buyer include:

  • Real estate transfer tax 6-10% (existing properties) / Value Added Tax (or VAT) 10% (new properties);
  • Notary fees, deed tax and land registry fee 1-2.5%;
  • Legal fees 1-2% (incl. VAT).

Get your NIE card Spain


The NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) is the identification number in Spain for anyone who is not a Spanish citizen. It is the equivalent of a DNI for Spanish citizens. Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens receive a Spain nie card. The nie spain card is not a tax residency identifier; You can have an NIE and be a tax resident in another country.

  • NIE applications can be submitted to the relevant Spanish National Police station in charge of foreign documents while staying or visiting. NIE Number can also apply at the Spanish Embassy in your country.
  • You can get your NIE card Spain at the Consulate of Spain in person. There are three Spanish consulates in the UK: London, Manchester and Edinburg.
  • The NIE Number can be obtained either by yourself or through an authorized person (lawyers, solicitors, relatives or friends) who hold a Spanish power of attorney. Processes may vary slightly by region.

Real estate search in Spain

Lawyers can help you find a property. If you are confident enough, you can also search for a property yourself using portals. When searching for real estate, you may want to ensure that the ads you see are not scams. It would be best if you considered this when looking for an apartment:

What is the Spanish real estate register

The Spanish Land Registry is a government-run database that keeps track of who owns what in Spain. Each time a property is sold and transferred, it must be updated to protect ownership and prevent a property from being resold.

Agreement of reservation and letter of intent

It is a reservation contract when a purchaser pays a fee and reserves the right to purchase a property in Spain for a specific period (the reservation period). The builder or developer declares that the property will not be sold to another person during the reservation period.

Moreover, a letter of intent may be presented by one party to another party and then negotiated before it is executed (or signed).

Payment of inheritance TAX or VAT

One should pay the applicable taxes and update the land register with the new information.

Real Estate Lawyers in Spain


If you want to purchase a property and avoid problems in the future, it is advisable to seek advice from a real estate lawyer in Spain. The savings far outweigh the legal fees.

Buying a home is typically the most significant investment for most people. Even those who own several properties invest somewhat cautiously in the real estate market. Real estate companies always seek the services of lawyers before making any investment.

In short, a lawyer’s services tend to be useful for preventative rather than corrective purposes. But most people still hire them when it’s too late.

The effort of finding a good advisor can save you a lot of trouble.

How can a lawyer help buy a house

Basic research and analysis should carry out before entering into the purchase of a property. It is essential to check that the property is in order and that the sales contracts and, if applicable, the mortgage loan do not end up causing problems.

In addition, tax burdens account for a significant percentage of operations. Along with the associated costs, they can increase the selling price by 20%. So it’s a good idea to know this extra before you get scare.


We Suggest buying property in Spain as a foreigner is a great choice. By following the above mention step one can easily buy a property in Spain as a foreigner.

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