Buying Guide for Custom Badge Reels

Whether you work in a corporate office, government building or school, it’s important to have easy access to your ID badge. Badge reels make this easy by keeping your lanyard out of sight but close at hand. 

Custom badge reels are an excellent way to express your company’s pride while ensuring everyone knows who they’re looking for when they walk through the door. 

That’s why 4inlanyards has some very good customize badge reels to satisfy your needs. We’ve created this buying guide to ensure you get exactly what you need!

What are badge reels?

Badge reels are small, string-like devices used to keep identification badges on the wearer’s personality. They are one of the more common accessories you’ll see in a workplace and are used by employees across all industries, including education, health care, law enforcement, retail and more.

Choose your Attachment Options

  • Clip: This style of attachment includes a simple clip. It’s the most common type of badge reel, and it’s easy to use. Simply slide your badge into the slot on the end of the reel and wear it as desired.
  • Split Ring: A split ring is a flexible metal ring with 2 ends bent apart so they can easily be opened or closed around an object (such as wire). Some badges are already attached to this type of attachment; others require you to attach one yourself.
  • Key Ring: Attaching a key ring allows you to keep all your belongings together in one place, including important keys and ID cards. The best part about using this kind of attachment? You can choose which side of your reel will have this feature—just pick up whichever side feels more comfortable or look best when worn!

Printing Options

When purchasing custom badge reels, you have a range of printing options. These include:

  • Single or double-sided printing.
  • Embossed printing.
  • Debossed printing.
  • Foil stamping.
  • Sublimation printing.
  • Silk screening

Colour Options

Colour is a powerful tool in marketing. It’s not just about pretty colours; colour can impact how people perceive your brand. Considering custom badge reels, it’s important to consider the best colours that will represent your brand. 

Such as, You can choose from either solid or printed styles when it comes to custom badge reels to connect with your customers correctly. 


With so many options, it can be hard to choose just one of these. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our guide. Just remember to think about which one will best suit your needs and lifestyle, and then go for it!

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