Call of Duty Warzone: 7 Battle Royale Tips for Beginners

Call of Duty Warzone: The battle royale has a lot in common with other games of its genre. For example, you will be familiar with a deadly gas ring closing around the play zone, which gets smaller by the second.

As always, there is a ton of stuff to be found, structures to sneak into, open areas for squeaking by in, and adversaries to outlast and outperform. Read on to know more about the best tips to ace Battle Royale as a beginner.

Call of Duty Warzone: 7 Battle Royale Tips for Beginners

Becoming a pro at this game takes time and hard work. However, there are some amazing tips that we want you to learn from Warzone Aimbot as a beginner. Keep these Battle Royale tips in mind:

1. Defeat your opponents before you have even landed

Before the game starts, you can level up your weapons by killing enemies in the loading area. You can also shoot enemies as soon as you leap into the game. Because every player starts with a pistol, opening your parachute and then closing it again will equip your weapon.

It can allow you to sneak up on your opponents while they are still in the air. You will fall faster and will not be able to glide to the far corners of the globe, but it may be a minor price to pay if you can wreck before your feet even touch the ground.

2. Keep an eye out for sky flares

Flares will fly into the sky in two situations. A crew begins securing the allotted area for a recon contract when they begin locking down the area. So for a short time, everyone in the neighborhood will know where your team is. You probably do not want that kind of attention if all you are trying to do is get your feet under you.

Secondly, the station will fire a flare, causing the teammate to plummet to the ground. You have the choice of fighting or running, but the information is valuable either way.

3. Learn as much as you can about the map as quickly as possible

The more adversaries you face, the sooner you will get acquainted with Warzone’s control scheme and weapons. Veteran players familiar with every map’s quirks and traps will always have an advantage in a battle royale.

For new players in Warzone, experimenting with different landing sites is a great way to learn the map’s layout as quickly as possible. While it is definite that this strategy will have you jumping with many enemies who will likely try to take you down the instant your boots hit the floor.

4. Instead of being prey, become a sharpshooter

In order to see the target better using a sniper scope, you will need to face them directly. If they are looking in your direction, the light reflected off your scope will reveal your location. Being an expert does not matter because you can pop your opponent before they react.

5. Don’t get an LMG

The MG34 is not a bad weapon; rather, it is awful. Reloading the gun takes an eternity, and switching to or away from it also takes time. The gun is cumbersome, imprecise, and only has a small magazine. Only use it if you are going into a gunfight right away and need a long-range weapon.

6. Set ammo boxes on fire as soon as possible

There are few items in the game as useful as the ammo box. With one deployed, you and your team will have access to maximum ammo and equipment, and you will have a field upgrade slot available for something more situational.

But, waiting for an ammo box to fill up is a waste of time. You will only notice you are low on ammo when it is too difficult to deploy and reload your weapons in a gunfight. But, a plus-point is that If you defeat your opponents, you will be able to loot their ammo.

7. Avoid saving and instead make purchases

It is not free to return to battle, even if you win the one-on-one Gulag fight and gain the right. If you want a full team again, your top goal should be saving up to $5000, so you can buy a self-revive kit.

Another $5000 is required for squad buyback, which allows you to bring in a dead teammate as a substitute for you. Other than survival kits, you will be able to purchase superior armor, turrets, airstrikes, and gas masks that could be the difference between life and death in a combat situation.

Final Thoughts

CoD Battle Royale is, without a doubt, the most popular game for groups right now. No question, Battle Royale games are challenging, but it does not stop us from enjoying them. These tips will come in handy as you try to get an advantage over your competition without any doubts.


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