Cleaning Company Roadmap: How to Get Started

If you’ve always wanted to own your own business, a cleaning company is a great place to start. It’s a $98 billion-dollar industry with massive potential for profitability regardless of whether you are interested in residential or commercial cleaning. It doesn’t require years of training or complex skills, isn’t as expensive as most businesses, and you can earn money almost immediately. If you consider your options, prepare carefully, and maintain high quality, you can generate an impressive income.

Choose a Business Type

Once you’re sure want to start a cleaning business, your next step is deciding whether it will be a residential or commercial company. It’s important because the two choices need different financing, tools, products, and skills.

It’s rare for companies to serve both commercial and residential customers because each requires unique equipment and services. You can start either business from scratch or buy a cleaning franchise.

Residential vs. Commercial

Residential cleaners work in customers’ homes, while commercial cleaning professionals specialize in workplaces. Starting a residential business is usually less expensive since it uses simpler equipment. However, commercial cleaning can be very profitable because companies offer add-on options like window washing, floor waxing, and disinfecting services.

Buying a Franchise

According to Fits Small Business professionals, buying a franchise is a relatively low-cost way to begin your business, although fees vary. Some companies require a specific location, vehicles, and equipment. You benefit from the company’s brand and customer base as a franchise owner.

But you also get training and support, and franchises can often be home based. They usually finance fees for business owners.

Get Set Up

Before starting work, you’ll need to iron out some financial and legal details. Tending to these issues ensures yours is a trustworthy cleaning business clients will be comfortable working with.

Register the business, get a license and insurance, and set up an accounting system. If you buy a franchise, the franchisor may help you with some of these steps.

Create a Fee Structure

Creating a fee structure that determines how much the business will charge is essential. Per Jobber Academy, cleaning businesses can charge customers using a:

  • Flat rate
  • Hourly rate
  • Square foot rate
  • Room rate
  • Specialty service rate

You will also need to learn how to estimate projects. For example, you can determine a job’s cost by:

  • Calculating labor hours
  • Determining labor costs based on cleaners’ salaries
  • Adding overhead, payroll, and any other associated costs
  • Calculating the profit
  • Adding taxes

Buy Supplies and Equipment

It’s a good idea for a new business owner to create a budget and list the supplies and equipment needed to start. If you prioritize items, you can stay on budget and get them as needed.

When buying a franchise, you may be able to purchase supplies from the franchisor, but you should be free to get them from any approved seller. Since franchises are branded companies, they typically require that business owners use products adhering to company standards. Owners starting from scratch can buy the supplies they want from any vendor.

A strong demand for well-run cleaning companies makes them excellent start-up investments. You can either buy a franchise or start from scratch. Either way, you must choose the type of business you want to run and then tend to all legal and financial details. It’s also crucial to create a budget, determine a pricing structure, and buy supplies before starting your first job.

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