Customer Service in Business. Where to Start: 5 Recommendations From Experienced Entrepreneurs

How to start developing relationships with clients, and what are the benefits of such a company policy? Learn about five steps to implement a service strategy and increase profits.

Many company executives believe that they understand well how to develop relationships with customers. In some ways, they are right: if they are successful in asana business, it means they are experts on the subject. The paradox is that often the business develops not so much “at the expense of” as “in spite of”.

The right customer service strategy can significantly reduce the effort and investment to grow a business. Everyone understands what ensures success in business: the competitive advantages of a product or service level, a unique experience in its niche, customer loyalty, etc. And there is a “fashionable trend” – customer centricity.

What Is “Customer Service”?

Customer service is first of all the attitude of the company (seller) to its customers. This is the exclusive attention and respect, a sincere desire to help and be there for them, to resolve non-standard situations quickly. This approach is the basis of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, when they don’t simply create a 22Bet login and never sign in but stay on the platform and use its services.

Recommendation 1. Understand How Much You Need It

Customer service in a company can only be built from top to bottom. Employees should always see that the company management is a supporter of customer service. Otherwise, the “lower ranks” will only be disappointed in the company’s practices, and dissatisfaction will accumulate because of the mismatch between the idea of the importance of the customer service approach and the actions “from above”.

Recommendation 2. Revise the Situation

If you have seen the potential of the service strategy and are ready to move on, it is necessary to audit the level of customer service in the company.

The basis of the audit is to identify the degree of development of your company in the area of customer service. First, it is an analysis of business processes and identifying “customer barriers” – external and internal barriers that prevent the company from taking care of customers.

The second important element of the service audit is to determine the level of professional training and customer orientation of employees, especially those who directly work and communicate with customers.

Recommendation 3. Develop a Strategy

Start with small timeframes, for example, make an implementation plan for the year. What do you want to include in it?

  • Objective. They can be different, it is important to indicate – where to go and how to measure the degree of progress.
  • The service strategy must be a fixed approach, based on the business philosophy of TQM (total quality management). Focus on the improvement and development of your staff, business processes, products or services of the company.
  • A service strategy consists of a set of defined goals and actions. It will be appropriate to remember about the technology of goal setting, also known as SMART. In fact, service strategy is a roadmap for the development of your business.

Recommendation 4. Training and Professional Development

A plan drawn up needs those who will implement it. Your employees are your main asset! They are the ones who determine the real value of the company.

It is important that a professional development program for employees be prepared during the development of the service strategy. Training programs should include soft and hard skills development.

Recommendation 5. Motivation

Implementing a customer service improvement strategy and developing a service culture will require you to reevaluate your approach to both financial and non-financial motivation of your employees.

The main principles of mutual trust and loyalty are transparency, fairness and honesty. Motivation is the key link in building client service in a company. Employees should be interested in what they do! They should be aware of their value, their personal benefit, the value of their activity for clients and the benefit for the company.   


These five tips will help you start building superior customer service for your customers and help your company increase profits. By developing customer service in your company, you’ll not only improve your standing, but you’ll also have a great opportunity to go even higher. The level that your company can reach is up to you and your employees.

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