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Best Decision Making and Problem Solving Courses in 2022

Do you need to make a decision, but are you afraid of failing? Today we bring you the 10 best decision making and problem-solving courses that will teach you the techniques you need to make favorable decisions in any situation in your day-to-day life.

And we know that making the right decisions can be complex. However, this process is necessary to determine matters as significant as the degree you will study or the type of investment to put your savings.

Whatever the case, knowing the elements and stages of the decision making process is key to getting it right and feeling satisfied with the path you decided to take.

With our decision making courses, you will learn to establish priorities, determine the points for or against, and interpret a conflict from different viewpoints.

However, In this way, you will know how to solve problems that may be affecting your routine, be it personal or work.

Next, we’ll go through our 10 recommended decision making and problem-solving courses. Please make yourself comfortable and learn with us.

What is a decision making course?

Decision making courses are programs with which you will learn the tools and strategies to help you manage the decision making process assertively according to your objectives.

So what is decision making? It is a rational process by which we choose a single option among different alternatives. Keep in mind that when we talk about it we are options and other consequences.

For this reason, you must think strategically, referring to those contexts in which there may be a conflict with multiple solutions to make favorable choices.

In its training, you learn to analyze different alternatives and their pros and cons. In this way, you know how to make difficult decisions and solve problems to face any situation in your daily life.

For that, you must bear in mind that before making any critical decision, there are a series of steps for making decisions that will facilitate how you can find a solution.

What are the steps for decision making?

  1. Define the problem: Clear your mind so you can think clearly.
  2. Organize your priorities: focus on what is most important to you in a specific situation.
  3. Raise possible consequences: consider all the alternative solutions you have to solve a problem, as well as their consequences.
  4. Make the decision: by performing the previous steps, you will have the clarity to choose the most convenient option.
  5. Monitoring: monitor the behavior of all the factors that participated in the decision making so that you determine what worked, what could have been better, or, ultimately, what aspect you would not take into account again.
  6. Evaluation: Examine the advantages and disadvantages of your decision making and take them into account for the next opportunity.

What is the importance of decision making training?

decision making

  • Every day, human beings face different situations in which we have to choose the most viable option among other alternatives.
  • Right at those moments, It plays a vital role in finding the correct route for the conflict. As for us, it allows us to have a global vision of the situation and establish starting points for the most appropriate solutions.
  • The importance of it is that your personal and professional development will largely depend on them, as well as the satisfaction you feel after having preferred one option over others.
  • Of course, attending decision making courses is especially important in the business field, especially if you have or aspire to a leadership position.
  • Deciding how to manage financial resources, how and to whom to delegate tasks, and in which new markets to enter —to mention a few cases.
  • It is key to ensuring the performance and competitiveness of the business and the well-being of human talent.

For example, do you remember that you made a decision motivated by fear or, even more frustrating, that time you were paralyzed by indecision and let a good opportunity slip away? Knowing the characteristics of it and the steps, tools, and strategies will help you choose correctly and on time.

What are the best decision making tools?

Decision matrix

it is a tool organized in columns that correspond to the alternatives and rows that fit the participating factors in decision making. In the end, each choice receives a score based on the criteria you defined in the rows.

T-Chart Chart

This chart is based on a comparison chart to establish the pros and cons of the situation. You must ensure that both the positive and negative aspects are within the graph.

SWOT / SWOT matrix

Although a SWOT matrix is not a requirement for decision making, it is a tool that you can use when establishing the objectives of a strategy in general terms to establish weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and threats.

In addition to knowing how to make decisions, using a SWOT matrix, you can define the direction of a project through analysis and interpretation.

Where to study the best decision making courses?

decision making

Suppose you want to know how to learn to make decisions and effectively solve problems. In that case, the following are the best decision making courses

It will facilitate finding the right path for any situation in your life.

  1. Mindfulness and wellness online course: Revolutionize your company
  2. Online course on Time Management and Productivity
  3. Online course of Data Science Fundamentals
  4. Complex problem solving online course
  5. Online course of Soft skills essential for professional success
  6. Online course on Informed Decision Making
  7. Power BI online course for decision making
  8. Leading with data online course
  9. Online course Learn SQL for Data Analysis
  10. Online course on Emotional Intelligence for leaders

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Review Best Decision Making and Problem Solving Courses in 2022.

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