Elijah Norton Lists Ways Customer Service Makes A Difference

The saying that “the customer is always right” has been around for ages, but providing good quality customer service goes beyond that. In fact, in an age where competition is fiercer than ever, many businesses are having success providing the best customer service in their niche.

Elijah Norton knows that his business, Veritas Global Protection, has succeeded tremendously due to quality customer service. He believes in never skimping over any opportunities to make a lasting impact on a customer.

What are some of the main reasons he believes so strongly in customer service making a lasting impact in business? Here is a list of reasons why it’s essential to make the customer feel special in 2022.

Better Image

A business that lacks its customer service department is much more likely to receive negative venting and poor reviews online in general. People often get annoyed with a business if they can’t get a hold of a customer service representative. The same goes for trying to fix something.

Quality customer service at least shows that a business is willing to try. Even if a business fails to meet expectations, it’s much less likely that a particular customer will be upset. Having a great image will help even new businesses grow a bit more.

Better Conversions

The very first time a potential customer has the opportunity to talk with a company, they are judging them. Excellent customer service from the very beginning will inevitably increase conversion rates for businesses to take it seriously.

Customers are always looking to be very comfortable with any business they decide to do business with. If that trust is not there, having a sale decreases.

Elijah Norton has noticed that with his company, Veritas Global Protection. The vehicle protection plan industry is a competitive market where if he’s not providing outstanding customer service, someone else is getting a sale.

All it takes is one misstep to get people to think less of a business. Customer service doesn’t have to be perfect, but trying to do the best to assist every customer will increase conversion percentage.

Organic Recommendations

There is still a huge benefit of getting organic recommendations from previous customers. Quality customer service will increase the likelihood of getting these genuine recommendations that everyone loves.

Business owners should look at this as the best type of advertising possible. Instead of spending advertising dollars, recommendations are bringing in new customers at no additional cost. All it takes is a little bit of extra effort to provide quality customer service from the beginning.

So many business owners are caught up in the latest and greatest way to market a company. They are trying to use every tactic in the book. Sometimes, the most effective type of marketing is getting organic recommendations from customers. It’s important to remember that most people are more likely to trust someone they know.

Increase in Returning Customers

Customers treated right the first time are more likely to come back again. This can be related to any industry, with some benefiting more than others. Elijah Norton’s customers aren’t a massive part of his business, but it does help when any of his customers are satisfied. This allows them to want to purchase a Veritas Global Protection plan for each of their vehicles.

Families are constantly growing and adding new drivers to the mix. Having customers come back again and again to add additional protection makes a lot of sense. Any time returning customers come back, that’s an endorsement in itself.

Builds Confidence

A picture of a confident woman smiling while working for Elijah Norton at Veritas Global Protection

Every team member at a business will feel more confident as they get used to providing quality customer service. While there might be a little bit of a learning curve at first, it becomes easier to start to shine as a business.

This conference will start to bleed over to the consumer as well. They love hearing from business owners who are confident in what they provide and are willing to help without hesitation. Even excellent customer service that takes a long time is not as encouraging for customers as quick and efficient help.

Increase in Profit

Ultimately, everything involved with better quality customer service will equate to an increased profit. Bringing in more money is a massive motivator for any business out there. Approaching everything the right way with all the customer service makes a difference, leaving customers satisfied.

Every business is at least partially motivated by money. Bringing in more money will allow businesses to grow in ways that every owner hopes. It’s one of the cheapest ways to increase profit since it has to do with a mindset more than anything.

Making Customer Service Truly Great

Customer service remains a vital part of running a business. Even if many consumers are doing business online and having a faceless shopping experience, there’s always a time when customer service can help out.

It’s worth looking over customer service practices every once in a while as a business owner. Elijah Norton reassesses consistently so that the reputation of his company stays strong. It’s helped him become one of the best when providing vehicle service contracts and vehicle protection plans.

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