5 Essentials of a React JS Developer Resume in 2024

React JS is one of the most trending Javascript libraries available that is used by developers across the globe. According to the 2020 Developer’s Survey by Stackoverflow, React JS is the second most loved web framework after JQuery.

Looking at its popularity, a lot of techno aspirants are willing to make it a career option. There are many React JS developer job opportunities available online, however, you need to apply with a professionally framed React JS resume.

Here you can see 5 important elements of a reacts js developer resume:

Key Skills

ume as it showcases your skills related to the targeted profile. Impactful skills can be picked up from the job description or the professional experience section of your resume.

The most effective technique to showcase your skills is by creating separate sections for Technical Skills and Soft Skills. It will not only grab your recruiter’s undivided attention but also help you in parsing through the ATS.

Professional Experience

As its name suggests, this section will contain all of your work and employment details. For better results in your recruitment process, it is highly recommended that you frame this section in one-liner bullet points.

Mentioning your details in bullet points will make the react js resume easy-to-read and attractive enough to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Moreover, starting your resume points with a power verb and adding profile-centric keywords in them will increase your chances of getting shortlisted.


Just like the professional experience section, it contains your education and academic details. You can frame it just like the professional experience section i.e. via bullet points. As there is nothing much to showcase in this section, below are some details that you can add:

  • Name of your university
  • Location of your university
  • Name of course
  • Date of enrollment and graduation
  • Grades obtained

In case of relevancy with your job profile, course modules can also be added in this section to showcase your educational strength.


It is the section that will avail you bonus points in your recruitment process. Add about your previously built major project on React JS, or an internship for similar technology will make a better impression in front of your recruiter.

However, all of these details and information must be entered in one-liner points. Highlighting important information and keywords will also benefit you and help you in reaching the interview round.


A certified professional can steal the limelight in the resume screening phase. Hence, add all the certifications you have related to the job profile in your resume to prove your worth for the role.

You can follow the below-given format to add certifications to your resume:

Name of Certification | Name of Authorising Institute | Date of Completion (Month & Year)

Additional Sections to Consider

Apart from these above-given sections, there are some additional sections to consider while framing a React JS resume. These sections will help you in portraying a professional image with detailed information in a clear format.

Here are the sections that can be added to a resume to make it perfect:

  • Header
  • Personal Details
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Languages
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Awards and Achievements

Key Takeaways

Building a job-winning react js resume can be a tedious task for many individuals. We have tried to explain to you the essential elements for a resume. Check out the key takeaways for getting a brief about this article:

  • Add technical skills and soft skills separately for an organized presentation
  • Showcase your professional details in bullet points to make them easy-to-understand
  • Mention your educational details appropriately with enrollment and graduation dates
  • Write about your internship or major project made with the react js framework
  • Add your certifications relevant to the profile to get an advantage in the screening process

All the important elements related to a react js developer resume can be seen in this article. However, all the ideas and suggestions to improve this content piece will be highly appreciated. Feel free to use the comment box for expressing your views.

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