How not to prepare for your CBSE Chemistry exams?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organizes the All India Secondary School Examination annually for 10th class students. The examination is conducted in two phases- the first one for general/unreserved candidates and the second one for candidates belonging to SCs, STs, and “physically challenged” categories.This article provides information on some of the most common mistakes made by students while preparing for ncert chemistry class 11  exam. These mistakes can be avoided with careful preparation and hard work.

Not covering all the concepts during preparatory chemistry

Students often prepare for the Chemistry exam without covering all the topics. This is very wrong. To cover more in detail, the students are required to study from textbooks and practice with real experiments as well. If you are not able to understand a concept after doing research online, don’t hesitate in referring to your book or teacher for further explanation.

Not doing experiments and practice questions

When it comes to any exam, it is not only enough to just learn from books and refer back to your notes. You need to carry out experiments and practice questions by yourself so that you can gain practice on these topics before appearing for the written test. InfinityLearn provides the best ncert exemplar class 11 chemistry solutions

Not following the teacher’s advice

When you are preparing for a subject, school/college teachers do not advise you to cover all the topics. They only tell you about the topics that are closely related to each other and must be covered for an exam. So, always go by their advice and not cheat yourself by covering some topics that have no bearing on your goal.

Not discussing the toughest questions of the day with your friends

The best way to prepare for an exam is to discuss with your friends what has been done in class or what you have learned since yesterday. This process of discussion or dialogue makes you clear your concepts and make sure you understand them properly.

Not going out of syllabus while preparing for a subject

You can prepare for an exam only by learning the topics given in the syllabus. If you are going out of this syllabus by reading other books or referring to other websites, then you might lose your track. Always stick to your school textbook. Go through all the pages and try to get a good grip on the concepts being taught in class.

Making up answers

The best way to prepare for an exam is by guessing the answers to questions. If you do not get enough time to solve the questions, try making the answers up. This will save your time and energy and you can be sure that your answer is correct. But, make sure that you cannot be caught while going through the question sheet again after writing the answer sheet of a particular section.

Not being prepared for any deviation from syllabus during exam session push

When you are preparing for an exam and studying from a textbook, there will always be some changes in the topics being covered by teachers. Do not be surprised if you find a topic being discussed during the exam session push, which is something you are not able to cover completely. This can happen at any stage of the preparation and it should not be a surprise to you. This unpredictability can make the students lose focus at times and concentrate on other things.

Failing to solve the questions or completing them incorrectly

Students tend to skip difficult questions or end up not solving them correctly. Leave these tough questions until the last few days before appearing for an exam session, when all your energy will have been exhausted and you will have nothing else left with which to solve these difficult questions. You can attempt these questions after two or three days of rest and concentrate full time on the difficult ones.

Not solving the questions completely

The last thing you need to do when preparing for an exam is to not solve the questions completely. The timing of the exam is short and during this short period, it will take you some time to solve a question and you would like to hand over your answer sheet as soon as possible. So, while printing your answer sheet, check that all the five marks are there in each column. Verify that if there is any mistake in your answer, then correct it immediately before sending in your answer sheet. This will help you benefit from every mark allotted to you.


Many students tend to solve the questions of their choice first. This is wrong as you need to note down any error that you make while solving any question, without fail. If you are not able to solve a particular concept or equation, then try to relate it with another topic and solve them together one after the other. You can also go through a process of elimination method if you are stuck with a question or a particular section of the sheet.

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