How to become one of the fastest growing software companies in e-mobility? Meet Solidstudio’s case study.

Intro: E-mobility is rapidly helping to achieve sustainable transport solutions, with software playing an integral part in developing new solutions. Amongst this development of innovation and progress, one company stands out as a leader. Founded only five years ago, Solidstudio has quickly grown to become one of the fastest-growing software companies servicing multiple sectors within e-mobility.


The world of e-mobility is rapidly growing and becoming ever more competitive. As a business, it’s important to be at the forefront of this wave, as those that can adapt quickly will be the creators and leaders in this space. That doesn’t mean jumping into every new technology or trend; instead, owners should focus on targeting sustainable growth and carving out specific niches within the industry. As a co-founder and CEO of Solidstudio, I invite you to take a look at our story so far.  We’ll discuss why these strategies are key to success in the e-mobility space and how you can implement them at your own organization!

Almost 100% revenue growth year on year and some other financial data for Solidstudio

We would not comment on this topic without relying on Solidstudio’s real financial data. We have achieved 92,9% revenue growth year on year. Below, we share some of the other highlights for 2022 year:

AGR – 92,9%

EBIT – 22,8%

EBITDA – 23,89%

ROS – 19,49%

With these numbers, our business is primed for positive growth in the future.

What affects our rapid growth?

Success has many fathers, but according to the Pareto Principle, 20% of actions are responsible for 80% of success. According to this, we have selected 5 key factors that we believe have contributed to our growth:

  • 5 refined digital products for emobility ecosystem: Solidstudio’s CPO platform, Whitelabel EMP app, API-first EMP, OCPP Gateway, OCPI Gateway and Virtual Charge Point
  • Numerous charging stations under our software’s management across multiple countries.
  • An online tool (open access) to compare the business models SaaS and licence.
  • Taking part in conferences around the world (Berlin, Amsterdam, Łódź, Oslo, Stockholm and others).
  • Work ethic and a strong team.

What are the lessons learned from our growth?

With so much potential for missteps along the way, what lessons should be learned after experiencing substantial growth?

Solid team. A culture-based organization is not a myth, but a necessity, especially in the era of remote work, where employees are more aware of their rights and obligations. In 2022, we hired 18 new people including software developers, graphic and UX designers, recruiter and account managers. This year we are planning further development of the company.

Client-dialogue strategy. Based on the dialogue and on the real needs of our customers, we can tailor solutions. We do not keep this knowledge to ourselves, so we presented case studies of some of the 2022 cooperation and their effects.

Our goals include providing support to companies: both small and large. From European industry-strongest firms to small startups from South Africa, we were equally happy to join all the ventures and learn about all the different needs and requirements. Such as the one for Zeemcoin, a Spanish company that combines blockchain technology with the eMobility ecosystem, and the one for Zimi, a South African venture. This approach allows us to get to know the market in depth at various stages of the company’s development.

Initiatives. In the growing industry you have to be initiative, because there is no other way to base your strategy on historical cases. As a business, it’s important to be at the forefront of this wave, as those that can adapt quickly will be the creators and leaders in this space. We were the first to launch an online tool allowing Charge Point Operators to calculate and compare the costs of EV charging platforms, whether it’s SaaS or License.

Would you also want to expand your emobility business?

It is clear that the e-mobility industry is booming and evolving at rapid speed. However, in order to be successful throughout this journey, it is essential to maintain strategic plans that target sustainable growth. In order to achieve this goal, Solidstudio has implemented a strategy of targeting specific areas within the industry and seeking out novel and innovative approaches every step of the way. Our financial data speaks for itself, with our incredible 100% revenue growth year on year and other statistics proving our success thus far. Therefore, it’s been key for us to remain agile and flexible in our approach to ensure continued growth in the future.

As you embark on your own journey in the world of e-mobility, I encourage you to follow these tips from Solidstudio, so that your business can grow alongside ours as well. Good luck!

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