How to do a market study? +5 tips to achieve it

If you want to get into the minds of your customers, you must know how to do a market study. And it is that market research takes you away from assumptions to show you, based on data, how your consumers could react to the launch of your products.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a Marketing professional working for a company, or a freelancer wanting to jump into the water, the benefits of the market research will allow you to obtain the information you need to be prepared and to be able to counteract any eventuality that comes your way. In short, you will have better results with your throws.

Therefore, in this article, we will delve into how to do market research. First, you will know what a market study is, its objectives, and the types of market research. Next, we will explain how to do a market study step by step, and, in the end, we will provide you with the best tips so that you can get the most out of the process.

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What is a market study?

You may not be very clear about what a market study is yet, and, therefore, before learning how to do a market study, it is necessary to define the concept well. So we will know where we are going.

A market study, also known as market analysis or research, is a set of actions with which you can collect and interpret numerical or qualitative data on a particular market to see the response of customers and competitors before launching your product or service to the market. It will allow you to anticipate how it will be received before the public.

What is the objective of a market study?

Specifically, the importance of a market study focuses on knowing the profile and behavior of your target or target audience, determining characteristics of the market at the current moment, and its possible future projections.

Types of market research

Before learning how to do market research, you need to know the different market research types. In this way, you can discover which one is ideal for you.

1. Exploratory market study

This market analysis model is used to start in the field of research. It is used to validate ideas in their early stages because, with this model, you can identify market trends or main problems and break them down into specific actions that are easier to work with.

You can conduct exploratory market research through tests or surveys. Ideally, with these research methodologies, you will be able to collect information about consumers and their tastes and preferences, economic situation, level of studies, etc.

2. Quantitative market study

This type of market research is more specific, therefore, more accurate. Usually, it is carried out after an exploratory market study has been carried out. By learning how to do a quantitative market study, your hypothesis is landing.

For quantitative market research, focus groups and other statistical tools are used to process the data; therefore, you will have precise results that will conclusively shape your market analysis, thanks to the data.

3. Experimental market study

How to do a market study that is easy and fast? Testing! This market study will provide you with quick results, as its main objective is to evaluate consumers’ reactions to some tests. It relies heavily on “cause and effect” experiments.

An example of experimental market research is a product test, where the object to be launched is presented, and the customer gives their opinions. These are processed, and the observations that will be implemented in future versions of said product are collected.

5 Tips to do a winning market study

A guide on doing a market study cannot end without the best tips to carry out an excellent exploration process. Take note of the most important ones!

1. Use technology

The Internet offers endless tools to make the market exploration process easier and faster. You can find tools for creating digital surveys forms, such as Google Forms and 123formbuilder, to help you gather essential information about your customers.

2. Schedule

In addition to defining the objectives of the market study, you cannot start the guide on how to do a market study without specified dates. If you don’t schedule yourself by setting limits or deadlines, your tasks will probably drag on forever.

Having established dates for the delivery of tasks will help improve productivity and prevent you from relaxing too much, so you can complete all the steps that are part of your market exploration.

You can download this Gantt chart template to organize and plan your projects!

3. Select and design your tests well

According to the type of market research you are conducting, you should use a survey, an in-depth interview, a focus group, etc. Maybe you can use all of them or just two. It depends on the amount of information you need to collect.

What you should not neglect is the development of these tools. The questions must be clear, concise, and simple as the client must be able to understand them perfectly. This way you will be able to ensure good results in your market analysis.

4. Offer incentives

Well, as part of the guide on how to do a market study, we want to recommend the following: every time someone from your target audience collaborates with you, you can offer a gift in exchange for their participation.

It will put you in a better mood, and your responses may be more sincere. This will contribute positively to your market research.

5. Use mystery shopping

This is a prevalent technique in market analysis; in fact, we talked about it when we talked about research methodologies. It is about investigating your competition closely through an undercover client, who will approach the facilities and observe as much information as possible about the products or services.

Get Well Soon your everything relevant considers for your exploration market. From opening hours, the channels they use to the treatment they can provide to consumers in-store. The one chosen to be undercover can be you or someone from your team, do you dare?

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