How to Get Better at Video Games: 6 Tips That All Gamers Should Know

Playing video games has a lot of benefits. It improves concentration and also increases your brain’s grey matter. Apart from that, if you’re a good player, video games can also raise money in your bank account. You can play on Twitch and YouTube to make money through views, or you can play in tournaments that eSports organize and win amazing cash prizes. So, there are many things to gain if you improve your gaming skills.

But how do you attain the height of reaping all these benefits? First, you must improve your skills, and that’s the essence of this article. Then, we will share some of the tips that will help you improve faster. Before that, we recommend a visit to for amazing tools to play better. Afterward, employ the tips below to hone your gaming skills.  

6 Tips to Hone your gaming skills 

  • Invest in gaming gears 

The first step to improving in video games is to invest in high-quality gear or hardware. Some of the professionals you watch on Twitch and YouTube create a budget to set up a gaming station that has everything they’ll need to ensure a smooth gaming experience. So, if you’re thinking of attaining any height at all, spend some money on those things too. The first to get your gaming includes a High-resolution gaming monitor, a gaming keyboard (full-sized and backlit), a gaming mouse, a comfortable gaming-specific chair, gaming headset, Bluetooth gaming controller, webcam (4K), WiFi Routers, Light-reduction glasses, Stereo speakers, etc. All these peripherals are very important to help you play better. If you can’t get them, still use the ones you have but save up and buy them if you’re seriously thinking of professional gaming.  

  • Play a lot of Video games 

How can you improve if you don’t play? First, you must make out time to practice video gaming, or else you’re not honing your skills. The more you play different games, the more you learn, make mistakes, correct them and improve. There are many games out there under diverse genres. If you love action games, consider playing Call of Duty Warzone, Black Ops, Valorant, etc. There are also some horror-filled games and even adventure games. We also have a lot of survival games like Rust, where you test your resilience and sixth sense. So, any of these genres you love offers a lot of options to explore and keep learning. But don’t leave your practice to chance. Designate a specific period of the day or amount of time to practice and take it seriously. 

  • Learn from the masters

The video game industry is now popular and booming. That means a lot of people are playing video games as their career and for fun. Find out the ones taking it seriously and learn from them. Check platforms like Twitch and YouTube to identify the top gamers and learn from them. Also, watch competitions amongst professionals on eSports or television. Watch them continuously as they display their expertise in various games. Note their tactics, strategies, styles, and tricks. After watching them, try to apply what you learn to your play style. Whether you know it or not, those professional gamers have sacrificed a lot trying to develop their skills to that level. You can reap from their years of effort by copying them and improving yourself. 

  • Always identify the key settings. 

Some settings that you ignore can frustrate all your efforts. So, take your time to fix them for that improvement you need. Some of them include Display Resolution, Refresh Rate, Texture Quality, Anti-Aliasing, VSync, Tesselation, Ambient Occlusion, Anisotropic Filtering, HDR, Boom, Motion Blur, Field of View, FPS, Sensitivity, etc. 

Talking about the last two, Frame rate and mouse sensitivity, ensure that your FPS is always higher to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Also, practice with different sensitivity to identify the point that improves your aiming precision and shot accuracy. 

  • Challenge an advanced gamer

 After learning for some time, make sure you play with someone better than you in video gaming. You might not reach the top gamers on YouTube or Twitch, but you can find someone around whose skills are better than yours. Then, try to play and learn some things in the process. The first games might leave you feeling stupid because they’re winning you. But the more you play, your skills will improve from everything you learned in the process. 

  • Become a part of other gamers

Another way of improving in anything is joining hands with people of like minds. Thankfully, platforms like Steam enables gamers to meet others easily. If you find a club or team to join, do so and learn more from them. When you have a problem with any game, they’re there to assist you. Moreover, you can play team-based games with them instead of strangers who might blame you for all the failures.  


Playing video games offers a lot of benefits, and that’s why you must improve in it. Start by keeping your tools in order. Then, tweak your settings and join others. Moreover, make out time to watch the professionals playing to learn more from them. Then, don’t forget to practice all the time. 


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