How to make students understand well the academic lessons: tips for teachers

For effective teaching and learning in the classroom, understanding plays an important role. If students won’t understand properly, the teaching practices are affected, students participate less in the classes, connect with the teachers less and the whole classroom environment becomes dull, monotonous, and less engaging.

To ensure the academic growth of the students, and become successful as a teacher, making students understand well what is being taught to them, is crucial for all the teachers. Let us discuss some effective tips that all teachers can follow to make students have a proper and in-depth understanding of the academic lessons.

Tips for teachers to make students understand well in the class

  1. Start the class with a quick recap

In academic subjects, topics are interlinked with each other. Also in a particular lesson, the topics and sub-topics are related. Lack of understanding of the previously done topics may affect the further understanding of the next topics too. And hence, teachers must start the class with a quick recap. Revise in short, what was done in the previous class, ask students a few questions or give a quick summary. The important terms and topics that students might have forgotten by being re-learned this way. And this makes students understand and relate to the class topics better.

  1. Teach the tougher topics once again

In academics, some topics are easy while some are complex too. For teachers, facing complexity is rare because they have in-depth subject knowledge. But as per students’ point of view, several topics are tough and complex to understand. All teachers must ask their students where they are facing difficulty in understanding. Using a learning management system, manage your classroom teaching activities in such a way that you get some time to re-teach the tougher topics. Be patient with students, use different ways of explaining and make students understand properly.

  1. Always summarize at the end of every class

Summarization is very helpful to make students understand properly in every academic class. In every class, the teacher has to complete certain topics which include, reading lessons to them, explaining, writing the important topics and terms on the blackboard, and solving related questions and exercises.

Whatever you have completed in a class, summarize it before ending the session. Repeat in short what all has been done, and ask students to repeat after you. You can also ask students to summarize too. This way you can check how well students understood. You can also add more to what the students summarized to end the session with a good level of understanding to all students.

  1. Ask students to revise at home

To understand well in classes, self-studies are also very important. Only depending on the teachers in the classroom to get a deep understanding of the lessons is not enough and must be avoided. And therefore all teachers must ask students to revise the topics at home which are being done in the classes.

By using ERP, teachers can give and maintain records of the learning homework. ERP meaning is an enterprise resource planning software using which teachers can give learning tasks to students. You can give them some written work to do as well. Later ask for timely submissions. When classroom learning and self-studies will go hand in hand, students will understand and comprehend adequately.

  1. Use technology in your classroom

Many times, students are not able to understand well from the printed information in the textbooks and guides. And when teachers use only this method of teaching, students might not understand and participate effectively in the classes. We all know that today’s generation of kids relates to technology well so why not introduce the same in the classroom.

All teachers must teach learners with the help of technical and audiovisual aids. Using PowerPoint presentations, modules, educational videos, picture cards, visual notes, animations, and games can surely help teachers in this regard. With the help of visualization, students grab the information better and understand more too.

  1. Ask questions to students

To check students’ understanding, how well they are learning via the teaching practices and in the class, and what must be done to improve and make them understand better, this tip will surely help. Ask related questions to what you taught. When students know that the teacher is going to ask questions, they tend to focus and concentrate more in the classes. This automatically enhances their understanding of the lessons.


No effective teaching and learning are complete with students getting a proper understanding of the lessons and topics done in the class. All the above-mentioned tips such as teaching with the help of technology, starting the class with a recap, giving revising homework, and summarizing in the class, teachers can ensure that students are understanding properly in the classes. This way quality teaching, learning, interactions, and participation can be carried out in the classroom too.

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