How to Fix [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] Error?

Microsoft Outlook is known to be a more recommendable email software than others. Offers a good level of security with improved connectivity and compatibility. However, having multiple advantages sometimes leads to mistakes. The pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf error is one of them.

If you observe this error, it means that your Outlook is having some problems working correctly. But you don’t have to be upset because your solutions found errors, and here are many ways to fix the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error code.

[pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] Mistake

The error code [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] can occur for several reasons; Because of the interruption in the installation process, your old version of Outlook, your PC does not meet the requirements of Outlook and other Outlook conflicts.

By following the ways below, you can definitely fix the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error.

Clean up your browsing history:

This is one of the most basic step in troubleshooting the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error problem.

Delete all caches and cookies from your system. It will erase all data and give you a fresh start by removing all stuck data packets.

Go to Microsoft Outlook; you will find a cache and cookies option, then clear all history and restart your system.

Close unnecessary windows and accounts:

shut multiple accounts if you are using them at the same time. Close unnecessary tabs and windows, then close and reopen Microsoft Outlook.

Check for updates:

Make sure your system meets the requirements of the Microsoft version you are using. Check if your Outlook has updates to the latest version or not.

If you need an update, update your Outlook to the latest version. Restart your PC and check if the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error is resolved.

Another problem is your version of Microsoft office setup. If you are using an older version, you may need to change or uninstall the older version.

Update your Microsoft Office settings to the latest version, and don’t forget to back up your required information files.

Reinstall Microsoft Outlook:

Sometimes this type of [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error occurs due to an interrupted installation process.

If so, your email software is incompatible with other software on your system. To solve this, you need to uninstall Microsoft Outlook from your PC and install the latest updated version of Microsoft Outlook from the official website.

The web app can work for you:

If you have a vital task and can opt for a temporary solution, you can use the web application instead of Microsoft Outlook software for the system. Follow the instructions below to use the web application. From the navigation tier in the upper left corner, select the Outlook web app version, then delete the light version of the Outlook web app. Click Save at the top of the page.

After you have completed your urgent task, you can keep trying the methods listed to resolve the problem.

Windows Troubleshooting Center:

The Windows Troubleshooting Center will help you figure out what is causing the error, and fix it accordingly. Uninstall the pirated version:

There is a high possibility that you installed the pirated version of Microsoft Outlook. In that case, you need to uninstall that version and install the authentic one from the official website.

Can a [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error malfunction occur?

Can a [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error malfunction occur_

[pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] This installation may cause a malfunction. This could be one reason behind a version of the Prediction, or your PC or laptop may not promoting the current version of Outlook.

If you are now using multiple forecast accounts, it could be a problem without exhausting the cache.

Another cause to solve this error is that you need to use the application from the web version.

Sometimes the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error is occur when installing the application.

You’ll need to uninstall the broken version if that’s the output of MS Outlook and reinstall and bring it up to date.

If the problems persist with the error, click Microsoft for instructions.

A Microsoft fake email error occurred for the following reasons:

A Microsoft fake email error occurred for the following reasons_

Microsoft email errors such as B. have also occurred because Outlook compares itself to another application installed on your laptop or desktop. In specific scenarios, there is a risk that the program cannot establish an email connection, or in some cases, it is found that many profiles can use on the computer.

Common bug fixes and forecast bug fixes:

Here are some common solutions for MS Outlook bugs and errors. you can follow these steps to fix the pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf malfunction of the device:

Reinstalling cleans up the errors and cookies that cause the forecasting problem. After Outlook crashes, reinstalling the program is the most recommended method to resolve the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] problem.

Use Antivirus: Check the antivirus settings in your pc and, if possible, scan the application to notice any errors due to the [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] encountered. It may happen that the antivirus has restricted the Microsoft Outlook link on the external server due to errors, so please change the settings.

Ensure that you are connected to the network: Your Internet connection can most likely cause an [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] error for connectivity issue. Try to fix the issue with your service provider or switch your PC to a reliable network supply.

Multiple accounts: Try reconfiguring the apps, then signing out of Microsoft View and back in to avoid problems. Many program reports can be generated that result in the pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf error. Sign up with just one thought to find the right effect in Microsoft Outlook.

The best way to approach

  • Update the latest version of MS Outlook
  • If your PC is updated, please exit this error if you want to test Outlook for operating system versions.
  • Consider using the web edition of Outlook.
  • If you currently receive the computer keyboard software along with the accounts, the applications work on, Follow the steps you need to take

–  Terminate all previous accounts

–  Login to your account

  • This error [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] can cause for 2 reasons.
  • Damage to MS Outlook application along with other email accounts and Various programs are configured on your PC or laptop.
  • The final way in correcting this error which is pii_email_2d113871790217b2253f is to do the following.

– Download Outlook from the official website

Contact Microsoft Outlook Support:

After you’ve tried all of the above solutions and you still have the pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf problem, contact Microsoft Outlook technical support for further assistance.


This article was to show you about the error [pii_email_af9655d452e4f8805ebf] We try our possible ways to fix this problem in Microsoft Outlook. I hope one of these methods worked for you. You can attempt these methods one by one, and hopefully, it will solve your problem.

If you haven’t still solved the problem, please comment below, and we will try to find a possible solution for you. You can also try to get help directly from the Microsoft support team.

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