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Human Resources Write For Us

Human resource is a department within companies where everything related to the people working is managed. This would include recruiting and selecting personnel, hiring, onboarding or welcome, training, promotion, payroll, contracts, and dismissals.

In short, the human resources department must work for all the people who are part of the Human Capital and talent.
Human resources are essential for any company that needs to grow and hire the best workers for each position.
In addition to helping the people who work in the company to continue developing, training and growing.

Responsibilities of the Human Resources department

The main functions and responsibilities of the human resources department are several. From the processes of recruiting new members for the team, managing employees, and processing layoffs or dismissals in the company. In addition to this, it is also responsible for:

  • Time attendance and time clock management
  • Control of vacations, absences, and absences
  • digital file
  • Performance evaluation
  • Write the job offer
  • Candidate search
  • Candidate moderation
  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Onboarding of new workers
  • Professional growth
  • Development of the compensation plan
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • relocation
  • Payroll management (and incidents)
  • Control of flexible remuneration
  • Of the variables
  • Reporting
  • Employee Data Collection
  • Legal aspects
  • mediation between employees

Importance of the HR department

Today the presence of an HR manager or department is essential in any company, regardless of its size. It is essential since it is the only department that manages the people that make up the company and oversees the workers’ well-being.

Human capital is the main factor for a company to be successful. People are the most important and basic resource of the company. Employees are the ones who carry out the day-to-day work in the organization, making it grow and evolve. Partners and collaborators are necessary for the company to meet its demanding objectives.

Types of Human Resources.

Human Resources is a complex task that requires several tasks to be performed at the same time. Here we can talk about payroll and economic compensation, selection, training and development, onboarding, managing career plans, or the administration of personnel and the working time of our employees.

For this reason, there are more specialized professionals in each area. We review some of them:

Recruitment and selection:

Within human resource management, one of the main actors is the recruiter, who is in charge of attracting the best candidates. He is responsible for the selection processes through appropriate methodologies adapted to the company.
Compensation & Benefits:

Professionals in this area analyze industry earnings data, distribute compensation reports, and negotiate benefit packages with outside vendors. They review the fixed and variable salaries and the employees’ social benefits.

Formation and development:

Training and development professionals assess the training needs of employees and provide training. In addition, they evaluate the results of completed training programs to make them more effective over time.

Internal communication

A fundamental part of human resources is maintaining effective communication between employees and those responsible for human resources or managers.

Those responsible for communication are in charge of preparing the internal communication plan, segmenting and creating messages and developing vertical, horizontal, multidirectional and bidirectional feedback communication projects.

Managers, managers and directors.

On many occasions, human resources are managed both by the business directors, or by the managers of each team. Increasingly, these professionals are getting more responsibility to manage the organization’s talent.

Health and security:

Health professionals work mainly to prevent occupational accidents and diseases. In this sense, they guarantee compliance with occupational safety regulations.

Performance manager

These professionals work to prevent and resolve problems related to employee performance. They manage the performance of employees, decide on the appropriate evaluation model for the organization and find out if those evaluated skills are ideal for each job position.

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Benefits of having a Human Resources department

  • Improve the capabilities and skills of employees
  • Increases team performance
  • Ensure a career plan for employees
  • Hire new talent
  • Guarantees internal interpersonal communication
  • Carries the administrative burden of the team
  • Watch over the company culture and employer branding

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