The importance of telecommunications in the world

What would the world of today be if all telecommunications suddenly disappeared? We would certainly collapse immediately. Today, telecommunications and information technologies play a crucial role in our social, economic, and political systems.

Uses Of Telecommunication In Daily Life

Telecommunications have greatly facilitated our daily life, allowing us to get in touch with people in our community and around the world, easily and quickly. The rise of these technologies, especially the Internet, constitutes a knowledge revolution. Today almost anyone can access reliable and direct information, and the doors of knowledge are open to more and more people.

The possibility that telecommunications offer us to exchange information used by the different companies.

It has expanded their markets beyond the country in which they are located. The large-scale globalization that we see today would not be possible were it not for the ubiquity of production factors and markets that these technologies allow us to do. Today it is easier than ever to transfer money from one continent to another, for example. Likewise, anyone with Internet access can purchase products that offer elsewhere on the planet, and receive them through the different parcel services.

But in addition, instant communications are vital for the optimization of the business organization.

Although we still have a large number of people in the world without access to information technologies, this gap has narrowed widely in recent years. According to the International Telecommunications Union Report, by the end of 2012 around 87% of people in rural areas had access to mobile telephony. It is estimated that some 450 million people around the world still do not have access to a mobile phone signal. Watch the amazing spider man movie

Although the figures are encouraging, there is still a long way to go. For example, currently, only 46% of the world’s population subscribes to some broadband Internet service, a percentage that has been growing year after year.

The importance of telecommunications in times of coronavirus


The person in charge of technical development and training of the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers explains how telecommunications work and their role, even for health workers, in times of pandemic.

Currently, we live in the information age, communication technologies, data traffic … We live in a digital age that would not be possible if there were no invisible communication networks, telecommunications.

Most civilizations are going through a period of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In all countries, the population has to confine at home except in exceptional cases.

Such as buying food or going to work in cases where it is not possible to do so from home.

Thanks to telecommunications, it is possible that we can all connect to the Internet from almost anywhere on the peninsula, the continent, and the world. Thanks to them, the coronavirus crisis will not be such a crisis.

Invisible, but present – the importance of telecommunications

To enumerate all the possibilities that the Internet offers, one might consider it unnecessary. Virtually everyone knows what it is, what it works for, and how it’s used. Not many, however, know that telecommunications make them virtually invisible tools.

A basic paper – the importance of telecommunications

In the crisis that we are currently experiencing due to the well-known coronavirus.

Telecommunications play an important role in various areas of daily life.

On a social level, it is obvious that the handling of the quarantine imposes after the alarm condition is changing.

Without going further, this article would not be seen on the web if it weren’t for telecommunications.

Thanks to the ‘telecos’ you can make contact with family, friends, and colleagues via video call. Children and students can also access the tele-teaching platforms and follow the lessons remotely,

Telecommunications also play a decisive role from an economic point of view.

Heroic gadgets – the importance of telecommunications

All heroes have their weapons with which to fight evil. Today more than ever, health workers are considered heroes who fight against ‘the bug’.

Heroes who, in addition to their knowledge, use telecommunications to carry out their vital work for many people.

“Telemedicine helps to monitor patients, share information and disseminate it.”

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