Living Room Designs You Should Know About in 2022

When it comes to decorating, the living room is the most important room in the house for sure. After the kitchen, this is the area where families often spend most of their time together when they are at home. It is also where you host friends and family.

Your family should be reflected in how you decorate your living room. Nobody else should be able to tell you how to decorate or how not to. Since it is your house, it must be ideal for you.  Whether you want to redecorate your existing home or you are moving to a new apartment in a new city, here are a few exciting trends that are making waves this year.

Why Are Trends Important? 

Trends are an interesting aspect of the interior design market for aficionados; fortunately, 2022 has enough of them, particularly when it comes to the living room. Though it’s always crucial to design a space in a way that feels right to you, trends are a terrific guide to follow or simply an exciting approach to liven up a space that has recently been a little blah.

In terms of living rooms, 2022 will see the comeback of trends that had been dormant for a few years as well as a large number of modernized colors and patterns establishing themselves as contemporary hues and tones. 

Curved Furniture

Have you noticed how curved furniture is now appearing all over the place? This curved furniture is easy to use, has smooth lines that naturally attract the eye through space, and is inspired by nature. It also promotes calmness and relaxation. Thankfully, it’s not because we want every day to be the same as the last, we’re becoming more authentic to who we are and what feels good.

The top interior design trend for 2022, according to Pinterest, is a curved appeal. Although the 20th-century modernist preference for straight lines may have long predominated, many designers are now advocating a curved and aesthetically pleasing alternative. Curves are animated and enjoyable in contrast to stagnant, straight lines.

Size of Lighting Fixtures

Despite being so important to our houses, lighting is sometimes completely ignored and isn’t discussed in the same way that decor or other supporting components of a room are. Even while the standard fixtures in a home or apartment may be adequate, it’s difficult to deny that a stylish pendant or a themed chandelier can’t compare to the famed flush-mounted ceiling lights or straightforward recessed lights that are present in the majority of residences.

Despite being so important to our houses, lighting is frequently overlooked and isn’t discussed in the same detail as other foundational parts of a room, such as a decor. The standard fixtures in a home or apartment may be adequate, but it’s difficult to deny that a chic pendant or a themed chandelier can’t outperform the famed flush-mounted ceiling lights or straightforward recessed lights present in most homes.

Oversized and the Center of Attention

Sometimes, bigger is better. This emphasizes the idea that chandeliers may be used in a variety of contexts and are no longer solely reserved for dining rooms or for hanging above foyers. Large lighting fixtures and chandelier designs become the center of attention in every room they are in.

Subtle and Gentle Lighting

Statement lights are at one end of the lighting spectrum, while gentle fixtures that blend in and diffuse a room’s light while still significantly altering the mood and appearance are at the other.

Warm Neutrals

The ideal living room color should be one that not only reflects your personality and style but is also ageless and versatile. It’s always a good idea to go with a hue that can be used in a variety of settings because it provides you more freedom when picking colors for nearby rooms. This approach is also popular; neutrals will rule in this room that serves as the center of the home in 2022.

Classic living room colors like white, ivory and beige are neutral hues that go well with more dramatic shades in adjacent rooms, allow for easy furniture changes, and highlight your favorite fabrics and textures, whether you’re using the space for a semester of hybrid learning or pre-dinner cocktails. Neutral colors have always been popular because they are comfortable and timeless.

Having said that, learning about the most recent design and decorating trends is beneficial since it increases your awareness of the world around you and helps you to see fresh perspectives on the space you call home. After all, your home is not a static space. Like you, it should grow and adapt to accommodate the person you become and the people you share your place with.

You can often play around with the things you already have and give your home a brand-new look by simply seeing your areas from a new angle!

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