Looking for Maintenance on Your Cirrus Aircraft?

Personal aviation encourages clients to take control of their lives. This allows them to decide when, where, and how they travel. Thanks to the Cirrus Aircraft company, you can embrace personal aviation with a wide variety of safety features, including a ballistic parachute.

About Cirrus Aircraft?

The Cirrus Aircraft company is an aircraft manufacturer founded in 1984. The founders, Alan and Dale Klapmeier, have provided aircraft enthusiasts and learners with an unbeatable aviation experience thanks to innovative quality and safety principles applied during manufacturing.

Why Choose a Cirrus Aircraft?

Cirrus Aircraft manufacturers don’t cut corners when selecting the best materials to use in their aircraft. The company produces all its aircraft with composite materials and is popular in the market for incorporating the best technology in its aircraft.

It is an aviation pioneer in glass cockpits and full airframe ballistic parachutes designed to guarantee the safety of pilots and crew in the event of an emergency landing. The new SR22 maintains ample storage space, and loading is made easier by a wide door that uses a remote unlock feature.

Furthermore, the newer Cirrus models are easier to fly thanks to a more automated flight management system. The availability of a flight path indicator and terrain warning system also makes it easier for pilots to stay informed during a flight.

Various Cirrus Aircraft models have been released since 1999:

  • Cirrus SR20- is a single-piston engine five-seater aircraft manufactured since 1999.
  • Cirrus SR22/22T- single piston design released in 2001
  • Cirrus SR Sport- single-engine, low-wing ultralight aircraft that only seats two.
  • Cirrus ST50- This design was developed from the VK-30.
  • Cirrus Vision SF50- produced since 2016, this series is a single turbofan engine-five, seven-seat aircraft.
  • Cirrus VK-30- features a single-engine pusher propeller originally sold as a kit for home building.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Cirrus Aircraft?

Most Cirrus aircraft have an asking price of 3-3.5 million dollars, depending on the specific model and date of manufacturing. For the freedom an aircraft affords buyers, this price tag is worth it for most clients. Buyers can also expect substantial Cirrus maintenance cost in Upland, CA, to keep up with the required aircraft maintenance regulations.

The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)

The SR series aircraft are equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, developed with ballistic recovery systems. A ballistic parachute deployed mid-flight allows the plane to descend slowly and safely to the ground and has been credited with saving the lives of over 200 passengers so far. It is the only company in the world to implement the parachute device as a standard on all its aircraft models. This endearing feature has made the Cirrus SR aircraft the most popular in the market.


What are the two types of maintenance in aircraft?

You can have a scheduled or preventative aircraft maintenance appointment scheduled with your trusted service center. The alternative is an unscheduled maintenance appointment, usually when something has broken down.

What are the three types of aircraft mechanics?

There are three types of airplane maintenance mechanics, airframe and powerplant mechanics, inspection authorization endorsed mechanics, and FAA-certified repair station mechanics.

What are the maintenance requirements for an aircraft?

According to the FAA, aircraft should get some type of preventative maintenance after every 25 hours of flying time. The aircraft should also get minor maintenance done at least every 100 hours for maximum safety.

What are ABC and D checks?

The ABD check system is a term used by airline and airworthiness authorities to refer to detailed inspection techniques. A and B checks are lighter checks, while C and D checks are considered heavier or more detailed checks that test, repair, and calibrate virtually everything on an aircraft.

Who is responsible for aircraft maintenance?

14 CFR section 91.403(a) states that the owner/operator is primarily responsible for maintaining the aircraft in an airworthy condition.

Why do aircraft need maintenance?

The purpose of aircraft maintenance is to keep the crew safe by ensuring the aircraft’s state of airworthiness is up to par. In addition, aircraft preventative maintenance ensures aircraft parts stay in good condition saving money that would otherwise be spent replacing them.

Does the Cirrus aircraft have a safe auto-land system?

Yes, Cirrus has an auto land system introduced in October 2019. The company is actually among the first GA companies to announce an emergency auto land system developed by Garmin. The Cirrus version of the EAS is called Safe Return and allows landing from 5000 feet with no human input.

How many Cirrus aircraft have crashed?

There have been a total of 29 crashes involving Cirrus aircraft. Of the 29, 19 have involved the SR22 series aircraft. However, only eight of these have actually resulted in fatalities thanks to the parachute. The overall accident rate is 5.4 in 100,000 hours.


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