Reasons to Take a Medical Loan and How to Get Instant Loan Approval

Medical loan: A Quick Personal Loan For Unfortunate Mishaps

Medical emergencies are unpredictable, and rising healthcare costs are challenging to cover for people with limited finances. A quick Personal Loan makes the required funds instantly available thereby allowing the borrower to arrange for the best medical treatment available.

Medical emergencies can hit anyone at any time. Most individuals might not always be prepared for them. Health should always be a priority, but medical expenses can become a significant burden, primarily owing to the soaring healthcare costs. Even though many people have health insurance to deal with such situations, many of these plans do not provide appropriate coverage. Moreover, IVF, cosmetic, and dental treatments are not a part of most health insurance plans.

Since chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer can have devastating effects on an individual’s financial situation, banks are weary to provide loans. A good alternative is to opt for a Personal Loan to cover the treatment cost. Instant loan approval, attractive interest rates, and flexible repayment options make them the best choice to finance a medical emergency.

Reasons to Use a Medical Emergency Loan

Those who need finances to cover a medical emergency can benefit greatly from a Medical Loan. Here are a few advantages one must be aware of.

More Comprehensive Medical Coverage: Specific medical procedures such as cosmetic surgeries, IVF treatment, and dental procedures are usually excluded from health insurance coverage. Personal Loans have no end-use restrictions, allowing borrowers to cover a broader range of medical costs, including treatment, surgery, medicines, therapy, rehabilitation, and more. Consequently, applicants can benefit from instant loan approval offered by reputed lending institutions like Clix Capital, to cover any treatment that normal insurance policies do not cover.

Quick Access to Funds: Applicants gain quick access to funds rather than having to wait for days to get their loan approved and disbursed. Clix Capital can help you pay for medical costs right away by providing fast loan approvals. Their 100% digital loan procedure, 0 collateral requirement, and absence of physical paperwork help enable quick Personal Loan online.

Competitive Interest Rates: Another significant advantage of Personal Loans is they come with competitive interest rates, allowing borrowers to repay their loans without hefty additional costs. Maintaining a decent credit score, reducing financial obligations, and retaining a stable job with regular income are effective ways to minimise interest rates and get the best loan deal.

Flexible Repayment: A primary benefit of taking a Personal Loan for a medical emergency is that it provides instant fund access while offering flexible repayment options. This means borrowers can select a repayment plan according to their monthly budget and repay the loan without stressing their finances. For instance, if you take a Medical Loan of ₹10 Lakh from Clix Capital, you can choose a repayment term of 12 to 48 months with EMIs adjustable into the monthly budget. A Personal Loan EMI calculator is an excellent online tool to estimate your EMIs.

No Assets Put at Stake: While several loan types require the borrowers to provide collateral, guarantor, or security, a quick Personal Loan comes without any collateral requirements. That means the borrowers do not need to pledge any assets to secure the required funds. Reputed lending institutions approve Personal Loans based on the applicant’s credit history, income information, and KYC documentation.

Minimal Documentation: When applying for a medical emergency loan online, borrowers do not need to submit hefty paperwork. To receive instant loan approval, the borrower can visit the website of an online lending institution, register with their mobile number, enter a few details, and get verified quickly. Most loan providers ask for a few documents to verify the applicant’s details, including income, identity, and residence proof.

Cashless Loan Method: Once approved, the applicant receives the loan amount directly into their account without visiting the lending institution’s office even once. The 100% digital loan process, including application, documentation, approval, and disbursal, saves the time and hassle from any physical visits. It eliminates the presence of hard cash.

Smart Tips to Boost the Chances of Instant Loan Approval

Avail a Medical Loan to ensure the best possible medical treatment without worrying about the finances. While unsecured Personal Loans are easy to avail, here are a few tips to improve the chances and pace of loan approval.

  • Maintain a Decent Credit Score: The credit score is one of the first things lending institutions will check to determine an applicant’s loan eligibility, as it indicates their ability to repay the loan on time. An Experian credit score of 630 or above is ideal for getting instant loan approval from lending institutions. Apart from paying the EMIs on time, always paying the credit card bills before the due dates and keeping a credit utilisation ratio under limit are efficient ways to improve the credit rating.
  • Use a Personal Loan EMI Calculator: Knowing the eligibility and applying for a loan within that limit ensures the loan application does not get rejected. How can you determine eligibility? By reading the eligibility criteria on the loan provider’s website. Not only this, but you can also calculate the exact EMI amount you’ll need to pay for different loan amounts and loan tenures.
  • Minimise Your Debts and Expenses: The credit report includes all the outstanding balances on the applicant’s name, including loans, credit cards or other credit lines. Since lending institutions check your credit report before considering your Medical Loan application, keeping your expenses and debts in control can enhance your chances of loan approval.
  • Keep All Necessary Documents Ready: Check out the list of documents the loan provider requires for a medical emergency loan. Standard documentation requirements include identification, address proof and income proof. Keep all the required documents handy while applying, as they help facilitate loan processing and approval faster.


Time is crucial when looking for a Personal Loan for medical treatment. Every second counts when someone needs medical help urgently. It can be a matter of milliseconds when it comes to life and death. In such a situation, wasting time on time-consuming applications and lengthy paperwork does not make sense. Medical loans with instant loan approval are specifically designed, keeping that in mind. Swift processing and paperless documentation ensure funds reach the applicant quickly and on time.

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