Ten platforms to create a free blog … and effective

The best way to reach your audience today is using the Internet, and one of the tools that are giving the best results for both individuals and companies is blogs.

Fortunately, nowadays, it is no longer necessary to have excellent programming knowledge to have a website or blog, and high investments of money are not required.

If you want to create a blog, you have enough resources for it even if you don’t have a budget, since there are complete platforms to create a free blog with which you can increase your online presence regardless of whether you have your domain or hosting.

From zero pesos to the budget you have for this purpose, you can have your blog on the Internet, and you will only need to choose between the best hostings in Mexico and the following platforms.

Ten fantastic platforms to create a free blog

Ten platforms to create a free blog ... and effective

There are many platforms with which you can create a blog for free, here we suggest 10 of the best options you can count on:

  1. Blogger
  2. Jimdo
  3. Medium
  4. Overblog
  5. Oblong
  6. Site123
  7. Tumblr
  8. Weebly
  9. Wix ( recommended )
  10. WordPress
  11. Wix ( recommended )

It is another key to create a free blog in an intuitive and personalized way based on the system “in the cloud.” As soon as you enter, you can choose what type of website or blog you want to create that suits your needs.

Wix is dedicated to secure hosting, simple tools to manage SEO, more than 500 templates, and a large bank of high-resolution professional images. It allows integrating the HTML code to add surveys, forms, or other options.


The Google creation platform allows you to create blogs without having to have your hosting. You can use your domain (or not) as in WordPress.

Both WordPress and Blogger have the possibility of having it all for free or paying per domain, although blogger does not allow the option of using their hosting since the blogs are hosted on Google servers.

Blogger is a free cloud service that does not have as many functionalities or is as complete as WordPress, but it is widely used by businesses with a low budget.

There is also the possibility of making money with this platform since you can introduce advertising on your page by showing ads from AdSense and other services.


The German origin and straightforward handling platform specialized in creating websites and online stores (more than 200,000 stores have been made since its launch). Jimdo has its content management system, is responsive in design, and is one of the fastest web service creators.

We can create a free blog of 500MB and 2 GB of broadband – always with the subdomain elnombredemiblog.jimdo.com-. Jimdo also provides the option to create a more professional blog for a fee of approximately $ 5 per month. In this case, the functionalities are multiplied, and the storage and the bandwidth become unlimited.


Platform to create blogs started by the co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams. You can make your blog consider that the only important thing, in this case, is the content and that the customization options on this platform are limited. A while ago, we explained all the details about how to take advantage of your online strategy.

Medium is a very social platform. It was found in 2012 and has evolve into a community where writers, bloggers, journalists, and experts publish. Therefore, it is an excellent option to reach a more significant number of people with interests similar to yours.


Oblong is another site where you can create a responsive blog with integration with social networks, various functions, and the possibility of your domain at no additional cost. It includes up to 6 blogs with each user account and has 100MB of space for your photo albums.

This Spanish platform has the WYSIWYG visual editor (same as WordPress) and offers access and message reading statistics. It does not have plugin management. Although it is fast, functional and…, it is free.


A site where you can create your blog for free with some basic customization options. It has a blog directory, community, top blogs, and more. Before it migrated to what is now Overblog, the company paid copywriters to create content.

The free offer incorporates unlimited tickets and storage. If you do not mind paying a little (3.29 euros per month, equivalent to about 5 dollars approximately), you can remove the advertising from your blog or restrict access to your space with a password.


Site123 is another intuitive and very easy-to-use platform that allows you to create a free blog very easily. The platform’s websites are stores on content delivery network (CDN) servers to reduce load times and thus improve performance.

It has a responsive design, and its free version offers 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth. Likewise, its web assistant has exciting functionalities such as predesign options or an integrate image bank with hundreds of quality images that can be use without limitations.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform where you can write, put links, videos, quotes, images, and much more. Although it is not as complete as some of the previous options, it is intuitive and straightforward.

It is something similar to Twitter but with more significant possibilities to make a blog. As in the case of Medium, it is much easier to find or attach content or profiles that are in harmony with our interests on this platform.


Weebly is another one of the free blogging platforms suitable for dummies. It has a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to integrate the elements of the site straightforwardly while only worrying about the contents. Although more advanced users can modify the CSS and HTML if they wish.

Along the same lines, it offers a wide range of possibilities:

it has adaptable blog templates, 500MB of storage, free hosting, free or paid domain, and advanced options for comment management. Additionally, it allows complete customization of categories, labels, and sidebar


WordPress is the most used and well-known platform for creating blogs and has a version in which you don’t have to pay anything for hosting ( WordPress.com ).

It is consider the best content manager for positioning in search engines. It stands out for its ease of management and is also design for mobile devices.

The free version houses 3GB of storage space. Similarly, it offers a wide variety of themes and plugins, although there is a paid catalog (Premium). On the other hand, the platform allows you to create your blog and even customize it much more if you install it on your server and use your domain ( the paid version WordPress.org ).

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