How Much Does It Cost for PMP Certification in India?

Undertaking the PMP certification in the modern-day business world is a very good idea on behalf of people because this particular certification will always help in providing people with multiple advantages in terms of best practices of leading, managing and directing the projects. Further being very much clear about the PMP certification cost in the year 2022 is very much important for the candidates so that they can enjoy a good hold over the technicalities of this particular field. The cost will always be depending on the type of training institution, mode of training in the country where candidates are wishing to train themselves.

Following are some of the very basic technicalities associated with the PMP certification cost which every candidate needs to know today itself:

  1. The training and preparation cost of this particular certification will be differing from one country to be another for example in the case of India the classroom training will be near about Rs.40,000, the online training will be near about 10,000-Rs.40,000 and the self-training will be near about 5000-15,000. On the others hand, in the case of Germany, the classroom training will be €1700, online training will be €720 and the self-paced training will be €280.
  2. Being very much clear about the technicalities associated with the online and classroom programmes is important so that everybody will be able to deal with things very well.
  3. The certification exam and the re-examination fees is another very important cost component that people need to know because the PMP certification with PMI membership will be 405US dollars and on the other hand PMP certification without the PMI membership will be 555US dollars. PMI membership fees are 139US dollars which include 129 dollars and $10 of one-time application fees.
  4. The re-examination fees for the PMI members will be 275 US dollars and for non-PMI members will be 375 US dollars.

Hence, depending on the expert training institutes in this particular industry is a very good idea on the behalf of people to avoid any kind of chaos so that everybody will be able to enjoy easy accessibility to the best IT certifications in the industry. Further being very much clear about the cost related technicalities is very much important so that everybody will be able to enjoy the perfect level of guidance and assistance at every phase of the PMP training as well as examination. In the pursuit of the same, it is also very much important for individuals to be clear about technicalities in the form of filing the details in the PMI application form so that applications will be perfectly acceptable and there will be no chance of any kind of rejection systems in the whole process.

This particular aspect will always use in making sure that everybody will be able to convey things very successfully through the application form without any kind of doubt. Hence, depending on the perfect institutes in the industry is the perfect decision of making sure that everybody will be able to deal with the financial implications very successfully and enjoy a good level of affordability.

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