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Project management is the set of methodologies for planning and directing the tasks and resources of a project. A project comprises specific operations designed to achieve a particular, measurable, achievable, relevant, and temporary ( SMART ) objective. The objectives of project management are:

  • Manage the start and evolution of a project;
  • Monitor and respond to issues that arise during a project;
  • Facilitate the completion and approval of the project.

The projects are independent of the daily business activity. Organizing a series of meetings is necessary to establish the project’s specific objectives.

The goals of these projects can be expressed in: results (such as the creation of a new headquarters); consequences (such as the relocation of employees to a new location); benefits (reducing facility costs), or strategic objectives (such as doubling corporate performance in three years).

When developing a project, there are three variables to consider: time, cost, and scope. These three variables are part of all projects and services to ensure the quality of the project, and these variables together form the Quality Triangle (the Iron Triangle ).

Advantages of project management

Project management will provide a series of positive aspects that will help your company to progress:

  • Maximizes the operational capacity of the company. By managing projects, it is possible to increase the efficiency of daily work since all tasks are adjusted to increase productivity. In addition, communication between the different areas of the company is encouraged, ensuring that all members of your organization know in detail what their responsibility is and can focus on it. All this reduces the time needed to complete the tasks and associated costs.
  • Coordinate resources. This improvement in communication can help, for example, that the different areas of the company that work with the same supplier combine their activity, making it more efficient.
  • Gives an overview of the company. Knowledge can be transferred between different departments, preventing them from acting independently. With this, it is possible to know the natural capacity of the work team, in addition to identifying weaknesses and risks more quickly to enable their correction and to allow prioritizing the areas that need it most.
  • It allows you to react faster to changing demands, facilitating fluidity in daily work.
  • It provides a point of view focused on the client since the ultimate objective of the project is to cover a specific need that the latter has, to the extent that it is the one that provides financial resources to your company. In this way, you can improve the quality since your product or service will have to adapt to the demands of your consumers.
  • Facilitates learning from the past. With project management, knowledge is accumulated on the proper way to carry out a particular task, which allows for standardizing some processes. In this way, its future repetition becomes more accessible, faster, and cheaper.
  • Avoid risks. A well-managed project minimizes the possibility of failures and errors that lead to cost overruns.
  • Improve the image of the company. As project management impacts more efficient service, it transmits an image of professionalism, competence, and seriousness that can be very useful for increasing your brand’s value.

All these reasons justify that project management is of great importance in today’s corporate organization, although many companies still do not consider it. But when implementing this strategy in your company, remember there is no one way.

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