Should you buy Tata steel shares after the stock split?

The largest steel company in the nation divided its shares at a ratio of 1:10, lowering their face value from Rs. 10 to Re. 1 per share. To determine whether shareholders are eligible for the TATA Steel share price split with a face value of Rs. 10 apiece, Tata Steel set July 29 as the record date. As a result, shareholders who had the delivery in their accounts as of June 28 will be eligible for the split of the shares and an increase in the number of shares by ten without affecting the investment amount.

The Tata Steel Share split is a 1:10 ratio, which means that instead of a shareholder receiving one equity share, they will receive 10. The share price on the ex-split date will likewise go down. A shareholder will benefit from having more shares of the firm at a lower cost as a result.

Tata Steel share will assist the business in increasing liquidity, somewhat mitigating the effects of increased commodity prices on profitability. Additionally, it has been seen that when a company’s stock price is high, it divides its stock to lower the cost of the shares for novice investors. When Tata Steel’s share is changed and reduced in price, more investors will get interested, and trade volume will increase.

Q1FY23 Quarterly Result Announced for Tata Steel Ltd.

  •       For June 2022, Tata Steel reported a combined profit after tax (PAT) of Rs. 7,765 crore.
  •       Comparing the net gain to the Rs. 8,907 crore from the prior year, it decreased by 12.8%.
  •       EBITDA worldwide of Rs. 15,047 billion.
  •       The EBITDA margin grew to 24% on a QoQ basis, while EBITDA per tonne increased by Rs. 3,780 to Rs. 22,717.
  •       Net debt of 54,504 billion rupees. The Net Debt to EBITDA and Net Debt to Equity ratios are 0.87.
  •       In 3QFY23, the Kalinganagar 6 MTPA Pellet Plant will be put into operation, followed by the Cold Roll Mill Complex and the 5 MTPA Expansion.
  •       On July 4, 2022, Tata Steel Long Products, a division of Tata Steel, successfully acquired NeelachalIspat Nigam Limited.
  •       The higher pet coke prices hurt the quarter’s performance since they increased operating expenses, while the government’s export duties reduced exports and decreased volumes.


Long-term investors with a moderate to a high appetite for risk can buy the TATA Steel share price on dips as the demand outlook is expected to remain positive over time, and Indian steel makers are anticipated to benefit from China’s reduction in steel production as well as their competitive advantage in terms of affordable iron ore and labour.


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