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Technical SEO Write For Us

Technical SEO Write For Us

The objective of technical SEO is to optimize the technical areas related to the indexing and positioning of a website in search engines. Well applied, it ensures that search engine robots easily understand all the content and, indirectly, favors the user experience by making browsing more agile. To write for us, you can send us an email at

The positioning of a website depends on its degree of optimization in three well-differentiated areas: in addition to technical SEO, it is also essential to have relevant and authoritative content.

A well-done technical SEO does not ensure the correct positioning of a site, but it helps the content be correctly identified. On the contrary, it can be an obstacle if the site has problems with this plot.

What does technical SEO analyze?

Technical SEO Write For Us – The technical part of an SEO project is divided into a series of more specific tasks, among which the following stand out:

Indexability: technical SEO is responsible for verifying that the site is implemented with technology compatible with search engine robots. Without this, Google and other search engines will not be able to read the content.

SEO-related HTML – Search engines use specific tags to calculate relevancy within the HTML. Technical SEO checks that the CMS offers the possibility of including them and that the editors can customize them on all pages.

Structured data – tag specific content attributes in a format that robots can understand. A technical SEO must identify the types of structured data to implement in each URL and define the code to include.

Mobile setup – Google crawls sites emulating a mobile device. Therefore, the configuration must be compatible with this type of device. The technical SEO will verify that Google adequately identifies the adaptation to mobile devices and its correct implementation.

WPO: In addition to correctly identifying the content, it is necessary to serve it quickly. Google recommends respecting maximum times to achieve optimal positioning.

Therefore, a technical SEO audit should verify all these aspects so that the technical SEO evaluation is as comprehensive as possible. Otherwise, they could weigh down the site’s positioning by not properly crawling all its content.

Tools used in technical SEO

Although an SEO with a technical profile can understand the HTML of a page and recommend options that improve its positioning, it is not feasible to review all the technical characteristics of a complete site manually. Therefore, in general, consultants use tools such as the following:

Chrome or Firefox Developer Tools – A basic for parsing the HTML and WPO of a particular URL.

Screaming Frog – One of the most powerful data mining and crawling tools, technical SEOs.

SaaS tools such as Ryte, Oncrawl, Sistrix Optimizer, or SEMRush Site Audit help speed up technical bug tracking.

Hundreds of browser extensions: Web Developer, Link Redirect Trace, Google Lighthouse, AMP Validator, User-Agent Switcher…

 Tailor-made SEO tools.

Once the errors have been detected, the consultant must verify that they exist, the cause that originated them and recommend the most appropriate solution for the technology used.

If it is not possible to implement the optimal solution due to CMS limitations, you should recommend alternatives that offer a similar solution.

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Why Write For Us At InBusinessWorld Technical SEO Write For Us

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