The 4 Easy Steps To Getting Professional Business Headshots

Professional headshots aren’t just for actors. They can be essential in helping you stand out to hiring managers and casting directors as you advance your career.

Professional headshots may seem extravagant, but they are a worthwhile investment. After all, your LinkedIn profile photo is one of the first things potential employers see about you.

A great headshot can open doors and extend your career opportunities by increasing your visibility and trustworthiness as a candidate. A bad headshot, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect and prevent hiring managers from seeing your true potential.

If you’re ready to invest in professional headshots near me that will give you an edge in today’s job market, these 4 steps will help you get there:

1. Find a Photographer You Trust and Feel Comfortable With

While you should consider the best photographers in your area, you should also find a photographer you trust, who you feel comfortable with, and whose personality will show through in your final photos.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the right photographer. You might like the look of someone’s portfolio, but if you’re uncomfortable with the person behind the camera, it won’t matter how great your photos turn out. Trust your gut and choose a photographer whose personality and style you can feel in the samples.

2. Discuss What Your Needs Are

Before you start booking your session, discuss what your needs are for the shoot. This will help you and your photographer decide on the best photo package for your needs.

When booking with a photographer, you’ll usually have two main options: a single session with a few different outfit changes (usually three or four total), or a multiple-session package.

The former is usually cheaper, but the latter may be more cost-effective in the long run if you want to get various looks and have the option to revisit and get retakes.

3. Practice Your Pose and Facial Expression Ahead of Time

It’s important to practice your pose and facial expression before the shoot, especially if you’re on a timeline and don’t have time for multiple retakes.

To get comfortable with posing for your photo, do a mock shoot in front of a mirror at home. Adjust your posture and facial expressions until you find a few natural poses, like resting your hand on your chin or hip.

Remember that a business headshot isn’t the same as a modeling shot. You want to appear trustworthy and authoritative while still looking friendly and approachable.

Stay away from poses that are too static, and avoid crossing your arms, which can make you appear defensive and closed off. Keep your hands and arms away from your face, and avoid tilting your head down too much. It can make you appear less engaged, like you’re looking down at the floor or are ashamed of your face.

4. Dress Appropriately for the Shoot

Your wardrobe is one of the most important elements of your shoot. A nice, clean business suit in a rich, dark color will give you a polished, professional look.

If you’re wearing a suit for your shoot, ensure it fits you well. Your clothes shouldn’t be too long or too short. It shouldn’t be pulling or tugging in any areas. A suit that doesn’t fit well will draw attention away from your face towards the bad fit instead.

Also, avoid bold patterns, busy textures, and anything too trendy. Instead, keep your outfit simple and classic to ensure it ages well and lasts for years.

In Summary

Professional headshots near me are an essential part of your career. Your face is the first thing employers and casting directors see when they look at your resume or headshot, and it can make or break their first impression of you.

Once your session is over, review your photos before approval. If you aren’t satisfied with your photos, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. Be polite and constructive in your criticism, but also make your preferences known. A good photographer will want to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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