Why are Dubai and Abu Dhabi the most favorable places to purchase resort property?

Abu Dhabi and Dubai ranked in the top 5 favorable places on the planet to buy resort houses. The official website of  AX Capital will tell you more about how the cities managed to attain this status and what their features are the most attractive to foreign buyers of apartments in Downtown Dubai.

Causes and prerequisites

The latest study published on the analytics service Compare The Market informs that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in the top 5 for second home purchases. This research took into account such parameters as:

  • Average price of property;
  • Monthly cost of living for a family of four persons;
  • Criminality level;
  • Cafes and food scenes for ten thousand persons;
  • Mean atmospheric temperature;
  • Mean precipitation.

The analysis was carried out on the basis of a comparison of the world’s 50 megacities.

In accordance with the rating, Abu Dhabi is the third among the best places to buy a summer house, Dubai is the fourth. Despite the small gap, both emirates are ideal locations for lovers of sunny beaches and rest.


Real property values

The average cost of resort houses for a square meter is 10,417 dirhams in Abu Dhabi and 10,567 dirhams in Dubai.

The research highlights: “Abu Dhabi has grown rapidly in recent decades. It was actively developed, skyscrapers and shopping centers that decorate the metropolis were set up. But along with this memory of the rich  culture and historical inheritance was the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque ”.

The average property cost for a sq. meter in Abu Dhabi is $ 2,836, while in Dubai it is $ 2,877, which is less than other megacities such as Los Angeles ($ 11,000), Jerusalem ($ 6,500) and Venice. ($ 6,200).

Level and cost of living

Both megacities in the United Arab Emirates propose residents better security, the world’s best living standards, as well as the excellent conveniences and fixed improvements. Among the 50 megacities studied in the statement Abu Dhabi was admitted as the safest place to live with the lowest criminality level. Prior to that, the regular publication Global Finance ranked the United Arab Emirates as the second country in the world as to safety.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the megacities with the best indicator of smart cities 2021 in the Middle East. Concerning the affordability of life, among other things, these megacities are becoming more profitable for families of 4 persons.

For example, the monthly living expenses in Abu Dhabi costs an average of $ 2865, in Dubai the price is higher – $ 3191.

Purchase of real property in the UAE


Are you contemplating purchasing a resort property in Dubai? Contact Ax Capital to render aid with it. Specialists will help you choose the most suitable variant for you, give tips on issues of interest, and give an all-out support in transacting as well.


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