Three untypical areas to purchase property in Antalya

Turkey has been one of the main investment destinations in the world for many years. This is mainly because it is a tourist country. Every year, millions of people visit different cities in Turkey, the most important of which is Antalya. Therefore, for many investors and even ordinary people who like to live in a place with good amenities and beautiful natural scenery, real estate in Antalya is a good option. To find out information about prices for flats for sale in Antalya visit Turk.Estate website. Let us now have a look at the untypical districts in Antalya to purchase property. These areas may be less popular among investors in Turkish real estate market, but nevertheless are worth checking out.



In the eastern part of the city, Lara is considered the most popular area. It is a district with a high density of buildings and, accordingly, with a large number of inhabitants. There are modern residential complexes and beautiful sandy beaches. The Lara district is very clean and comfortable. This part of the city is located on a natural hill. Lara is considered the business center of Antalya and the area of ​​business activity. Representatives and offices of the largest companies are located here therefore, along with residential real estate commercial property in Turkey is in great demand in Lara.



The cost of apartments in residential buildings in the central part of Antalya (on Ishiklar and around it) is 13-15% cheaper than in Lara and Konyaalti. The atmosphere here is almost the same as in any medium-sized city. If you are used to city life, this is a good choice. This is the business part of the city, and real estate here will be of interest to people who permanently live and work in Antalya. There are some things to consider before investing in real estate in this area:

  • Naturally, there are much fewer new houses here than in other parts of the city. Therefore, if your choice fell on the center, you should carefully check the sound insulation and the condition of the plumbing. 
  • The accessibility of the sea depends on the place of residence. 
  • The noise level is naturally higher than in non-central districts, and the buildings are denser. 
  • Busy traffic, a lot of pedestrians and not as fresh air as in Lara or Konyaalti makes real estate in Ishiklar cheaper than in the other areas.



Kundu district is a remote area, which is located 25 kilometers from the center of Antalya. Many residential complexes and hotels designed for seasonal recreation, and entertainment peacefully coexist with each other. Here are the most luxurious hotels in the region (Mardan, Venice, Dolphin, Titanic and others). The construction of hotels and mini-hotels is ongoing here, so you can always make a profitable investment in commercial real estate in Turkey, which will be a very profitable investment for you, as well as purchase apartments in a newly built residential complex.

According to the plan of the City Hall, all real estate in the Kundu area will be given the status of a VIP zone. It will be possible to enter the territory of the district only upon demonstration of a special guest pass. Due to the prospects of the area, by investing in real estate in the Kundu area, you can maintain the liquidity of investments for a long time.

Real estate in Antalya

Turk.Estate website allows you to observe offers in all the districts in Antalya, including the ones we have mentioned. The specialists will consult you on the property options and you will choose the one that will suit you best.


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