Tips to excel in class 5 maths Olympiad exams

The students of class five are the ones who are just embarking on their journey of the Olympiad exams. It is very important that these students start on their journey on a very good note and do not end up giving up on the Olympics even if they fail the first time. The Olympiads are important not only just to qualify for the merit rank but also because they teach the students a lot about themselves, but also because it will ingrain inside them a plethora of skills that will be useful to them in the distant future.

Following are some tips that will help the students excel in class five maths Olympiads:

Be proactive: Since it might be the first time preparing for the math Olympiad for many students, therefore it is very important for them to start preparing at least a couple of months before the exams. Being proactive will make them prepared for any situation that they may face in the exam and give them enough time to get ready for any problems they may face in the exams.

Sharpening the mind: Olympiads demand a lot from the students. One of those things is very sharp thinking and quickly figuring out what kind of concepts are to be applied to what problems because of the time constraint. If the students do not have a sharp mind, then they will take up a lot of time figuring out what kind of a question it is and hence waste time on one question which makes them miss out on other questions largely affecting their performance. It is highly suggested that students take up solving puzzles to sharpen up their mind as puzzles force students to think and that actually helps get a sharp and quick-thinking ability into the mind of students.

Becoming the question bank: There are a variety of questions for the Hindi Olympiad exams and if a candidate comes across a question that they have not solved then it causes a lot of panic and pressure on them in the exam situation which can harm their ability to approach the next questions in an efficient manner. Students often waste a lot of time trying to solve that one question that they are not able to crack, and, in that attempt, they miss out on questions that they could have possibly solved and thus fall back behind many other students who left that question and moved on. Students can solve sample papers given by the Olympiad organizers and solve previous year’s questions like Class 5 IMO question paper 2014.

Try to focus on the destination: The journey for any Olympiad aspiring is not easy and therefore often students are seen to leave Olympiad preparations in the middle. there has to be a consistent and sincere effort from the side of students to be able to crack the Olympiad exams. Sometimes the students get so tired of the journey that they forget about the destination. Students must always remember but they are preparing for if they keep the destination in mind and if they remember what kind of result they will be getting if they crack the Olympiads then it will keep them motivated throughout this preparation time to achieve that goal.

Talk to students who have appeared in Olympiads before: The students appearing for the class five math Olympiads might be appearing in it for the very first time and therefore, they do not have the proper experience of the exam environment that they need to excel in it. To gain this experience they must talk to students who have appeared in the Olympiads before who will help them understand the kind of pressure and the kind of environment that they are exposed to while giving the Olympiads.

Creating the exam environment while solving sample papers: It is important to create the exam environment while solving the sample papers as it is not only important to get used to the kind of questions that will be coming in the Olympiad, but it is also equally important to get used to the kind of environment that students will encounter while giving the exam. It is seen that many students who are knowledgeable and have done a lot of practice at their homes cannot do well, it is only because they cannot handle the kind of stress and the pressure that they feel in the Olympiads.

Time does not stop for anyone: The difference between solving papers at home and solving papers in the exam centre is the time in which we must solve the exam. To create that exam environment, keeping time is very important. If students get used to the time of the examination and get used to solving the questions in that time, then it will be easier for them to perform in the examinations as they are used to working in that kind of condition and pressure. Noting the time taken to solve questions and reducing that time which practice it’s very important for success in the Olympiads.

Know when to give up: It is often seen that students get stuck on one question and keep on trying that for a very long time and that is based a lot of that time. In this situation, the student must move on from that question and solve the other ones that they can solve and not waste time in trying to solve the ones that they find difficult. it doesn’t matter which questions a student solves; the deciding factor is how many questions a student solves.

With a proper plan and the proper guidance, anything is achievable. To excel in the math Olympiad of class 5 students must adapt and overcome challenges in the exam centre which they can only do if they have prepared there enough for every situation that they face in that hall. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and the exam preparation for every student and the results can be a dream come true











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