Understanding SEO: How You Can Get Your Website Ranked Higher

If you’re in business today, or if you own a blog or website and you’re looking for more traffic and greater visibility, enhancing your SEO strategy is the best method for doing so.

The entire world of cyberspace is linked and sourced by search engines. And in order to appease these digital deities, you need to follow a specific set of rules. Basically, in order for your site to get noticed, you have to optimize it for search engines, hence the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

As of 2021, Google is the largest and most visited search engine on the planet. In fact, each day, approximately 3.5 billion search queries are entered into Google. As such, if you’re going to optimize for a search engine, the first page of Google is where you want your site to be listed.

If you’re ready to get your website ranked higher on a search engine results page (SERP) and subsequently grow your business, the following will offer helpful advice.

Content Basics

If you want to improve your site’s authority and relevance, you have to publish great content. But when it comes to SEO, what exactly is great content?

If you want to drive traffic, you have to create consistent, relevant, and authoritative content specifically intended for your target market. And this includes a number of elements that all need to be tied together cohesively including link building, keyword placement, content headings, and much more. Blogger outreach service involves publishing content on relevant blogs for natural brand mentions.


When using keywords, each page of your site needs a specific keyword phrase that reflects the needs of your intended audience, and the terms they may be searching for. Such phrases might include:

  • UX education resources
  • What is telemedicine?
  • How to fill out a FAFSA online
  • Online Master’s degree in English
  • How to use Lightroom

Your keyword phrases should be well researched. And this all begins with understanding your audience, i.e., who they are, what they need, their habits, etc.

In addition, keyword placement is also very critical to the overall effectiveness of your SEO strategy. For example, you need to ask yourself where the best places to use keywords. Such as within the page URL, the page title, headings, and subheadings, or embedded throughout the content.

Regularly Update Your Content

Stagnant content will not get views by your intended audience, or by a search engine. This is one of the basics that all SEO strategists have to learn. As such, regularly updating content and adding new content is a best practice for SEO strategy.

For example, a search engine ranks websites higher that have regularly updated content with greater relevance than those which sit idle. In order to meet this goal, adding regular weekly content through a blog is a valuable practice.

In addition to regular content updates, your site should also be revised quarterly. Essentially this is the process of performing a full website audit, ensuring that each page has relevant links, content, and keywords. Not only does this help your SEO strategy, it keeps your site fresh and relevant.

Link Building

Link building is a practice which links your site to other relevant and authoritative sites. In fact, some of the best link building companies use specific strategies to link relevant content, and this can greatly enhance your SEO. I would also recommend you to use link building services to get better results.

Internal links are great, especially if you’re trying to funnel a customer into a sales page. But you also need to link your site to other sites while using keyword phrases.

For example, simply using “click here” to lead your user to a different site or page offers no value at all for SEO. However, if you use specific keywords in your internal and outbound links, such as “USC graduate degree programs,”. This is rich with keywords. It also helps improve the rankings of your site and the site you’re linking to.

SEO is an ever-changing field. As search engine algorithms change and evolve, so too does SEO strategy. So if you want to get your site ranked higher, keeping up with the best current practices is your best chance at success.

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