What are Widget and Gadget?


A widget is an application of reduced size that allows us to have information of all kinds available.

They are usually located on the desktop of the central operating systems market, including mobile operating systems. However, the computer is not the only area where we can find widgets.

Since we can also find them on web pages, smartwatches, and other devices.

The usual purpose of this type of mini-program is to present us with information in a very visual way.

It includes a surprising range of sources, including the weather forecast.

And also, the time, appointments and reminders, sports results, calculators, online sales, and everything that you can imagine.

Also known as gadgets, these small programs most of the time interact with the Internet, from where they obtain the information they show.


The word gadget, a term from the English language, basically defines any electronic device used as a tool or accessory.

Still, in the context, it must fulfill a specific function in the technological life of the user.

In this sense, a clear example of a gadget is bracelets or smartphones.

But the word gadget often uses to refer to small computer applications.

It shows us the weather forecast or the time if you are interested in learning about new technologies.

We invite you to continue reading the rest of the post, where you will find much information about the subject of gadgets.

A gadget can be both a technological product, that is to say, a device.

And also, a computer application, called in these cases mini-app, gadget, or desktop widget.

In machines, gadgets are considered pen drives, smartphones, tablets, GPS, external interfaces such as audio, headphones, and microphones, among many other types of hardware.

About computer gadgets, also often called desktop gadgets.

This type of software is none other than the applications.

We can apply to our desktop in most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

In this sense, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are remembered for allowing users to develop and install these types of desktop gadgets to expand work possibilities.

Tech or hardware gadgets

Gadget refers to any novel device, that is, one that offers cutting-edge technology.

It is for the first time that others do not provide, and therefore they are expensive and for few users. The possession of this type of device raises the category and status of the person who owns it significantly, as we mentioned, due to its high price.

A gadget is a small technological device in its physical form, which can vary from a USB beer cooler to a 3D printer for home use. That is, any device that meets the premise of being novel is included in this category. Cell phones were once considered gadgets, but they were considered phones when they lost their novelty and impact over the years. That is the basic concept of the gadget.

Software Gadgets (Mini apps or desktop widgets)

When browsing your site. Desktop gadget software gadgets are all those mini-applications that we can find on websites.

our operating system. At present, this type of gadget use on many internet platforms on their websites to provide us with related or helpful information.

Such as the time, weather conditions, or any other information that the website developer thinks may be useful to us.

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