Why Adding Subtitles to Your Business Videos is Important and Valuable

Video content has become the preferred form of communication across social media platforms. According to a Cisco report, video content is expected to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2022.. Many channels are shifting to a video-first format. Brands of all sizes are rethinking their approach to keep up.

Creating video content is one aspect of modern marketing. Making it accessible and appealing to algorithms is a crucial component. Here are the reasons why adding subtitles to your videos is important and valuable. 

Appeals to Algorithms

One of the main reasons to add subtitles is for the social media and web search algorithms. Google and Instagram are currently optimized for video content. Yet, neither platform actually “watches” the video. The text within a caption or description, as well as the subtitles, provide context. The more context you provide, the better your rankings will be.

It’s also important to consider that hashtags no longer have the same impact on reach. Social media platforms are shifting to an SEO-based approach, like Google. SEO (search engine optimization) analyzes written content for relevance and accessibility. Having subtitles could be the difference between reaching your audience and falling flat.

Easy with Editing Software

Adding subtitles used to be a huge ordeal. Closed captioning was once added manually, with a typist transcribing audio. Now, AI programs automate the process. Rather than driving costs up, you can add subtitles with the click of a button using video editing software.

Adding subtitles is no longer a question of whether you can afford this process. Instead, it’s about whether you can afford not to add subtitles. If your competition is using subtitles, then the answer is clear.

Ideal for Silent Mode

Many consumers consume video content in public. Verizon media discovered that 69% of consumers watch mobile videos on silent. 25% of consumers watch videos silently, even in private spaces. The reasoning ranges from multitasking to waiting in line to being in a quiet place, like work or a library.

The same survey indicated that viewers are 80% more likely to watch a video with subtitles or captions. In other words, not adding subtitles reduces your audience potential by 80%. This reason should be enough to add subtitles to your video content. 


Accessible for Certain Viewers

While the majority of mobile viewers are not hearing impaired, there are many struggling with hearing loss. Additionally, 350 different languages are spoken at home in the United States. While English is the most common language, millions of people speak Spanish, Cantonese, Tagalog, etc.

Reading activates different parts of the brain than speaking. Many people who speak English as a second language struggle to process spoken words, but can read and translate text. Subtitles are also easier to translate to other languages via AI. 

It make your video content accessible to these demographics. This addition also shows that your brand is inclusive and conscientious. Failing to add subtitles could mean millions of potential customers who can’t connect with your brand.

Better Attention and Retention

We live in a noisy world. Capturing and keeping attention is difficult. While video content is more effective for hooking a viewer, text elevates content further. 

Verizon’s study showed that subtitles increase ad recall by 8% and brand linkage by 13%. Content with subtitles also increased the viewer’s emotional response by 42%. In essence, people experienced more positive reactions to ads with captions.

Even though nothing else had changed, viewers felt optimistic about ads with captions. They also remembered the content and the brand. Adding subtitles can add brand awareness and trust.

Final Thoughts

Your brand can’t afford to overlook subtitles in video content. Adding text makes videos more accessible to AI-driven programs and human readers. Invest in some quality video editing software to extend your reach and conversions.


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