4 Ways to Protect Small Businesses against Digital Threats

It’s an understatement to say that managing small businesses is challenging. With fewer resources at their disposal, small to medium-sized businesses are more susceptible to threats such as cybersecurity risks. And a breach can result in the loss of intellectual property, trade secrets, or business opportunities.

In fact, some attacks that compromise critical data can be almost impossible to recover from. That’s why any organization needs robust cybersecurity solutions to minimize risks in an increasingly connected world. Here are a few options that can improve a small business’s defenses.

1. Digital Security Training

Unfortunately, many successful online attacks nowadays occur due to employee error. Hackers design compelling social engineering campaigns to trick employees into sharing sensitive information or installing malicious software like ransomware.

Naturally, this begs the question: what is social engineering in computing, and how does it help hackers? Well, social engineering is when bad actors use emotions such as anger, fear, or love to manipulate their targets.

For example, a phishing attack that convinces an anxious employee to download fraudulent antivirus software that carries malicious components is a social engineering attack. The best way to protect staff is to train them to identify threat vectors with help from an expert. Another form to strengthen your digital security is to upgrade your software that can encrypt and provide audit trails which are very helpful in customer support and documentation. You install programmable eSignatures from msign.io to easily integrate into your existing software.

2. Recruitment Agencies

Many businesses hire recruitment agencies that conduct detailed background checks to protect themselves from corporate theft. A good recruitment firm can also speed up the hiring process and find qualified candidates that are the right match for a company. Although top hiring agencies can be pricey, it can be more cost-effective to use them than to go through the process of finding and training staff repeatedly. This is especially true in digital marketing recruitment where digital competence is key not only for marketing, but for security as well.

3. Employee Monitoring Tools

An increasing number of companies allow employees to work remotely after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, resulting in more cyber risks. Employee monitoring tools on company laptops and devices can help shield protect data from user error. Such solutions can be controversial, so it’s best practice to install them with employee consent.

Additionally, top customer relationship management (CRM) technology can ensure that staff can only access resources and information on a need-to-know basis.

4. Anti-Malware Protection

Many people wonder: what is the difference between a virus and malware, and why do I need good antimalware software to protect my computer? To keep it brief, a virus is just one type of malware. While a computer virus can corrupt your data, it usually can’t help an online criminal generate revenue. The right defense software can stop the following malware from harming your business, including PC viruses:

  • Spyware: Hackers can use spyware to snoop on your company and steal valuable information.
  • Ransomware: Cybercriminal gangs use ransomware to hijack data and blackmail organizations.
  • Keyloggers: A hacker, disgruntled employee, or a spy can use a keylogger to log keystrokes on critical computers and commit corporate espionage.
  • Trojans: A Trojan horse can utilize deception to enter your network and help hackers steal data, drop ransomware, or open a backdoor for more dangerous threats.

These are four solutions that can safeguard a business against cybersecurity threats. Use the right options to secure your company, employees, and customers.

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