Considering Some New Running Shoes? Here Is All You Need To Know!

Depending on whether you walk or run more will determine which type of shoe you need. These methods are also used by play Roulette online. Although the common answer is walking, take care with your decision as it can impact the longevity (or otherwise) of your shoe, and also your own physical fitness, posture and esteem. With so many options to choose from in Asics stores in Au, and different types of shoes all pretty evenly priced, there is no reason not to make sure you find the perfect shoes for your needs.

Sifting through the choices


The huge range of shoes on offer nowadays can be a good thing and a bad thing. With every
shape, size color and feature under the sun, there is certainly no shortage of choice. The
difficulty is figuring out where to start in your search, and whether you risk missing out on the
perfect shoe because you do not have the time to look through all the ranges.

The best way to start is to quickly analyze your lifestyle. Although you may think you know
yourself well, jot down the activities you do in a typical week. Are you standing on your feet for
long periods. Do you walk all or part of the way to work? Do you jog or hike? What sports do
you play?

Already, there are about five different use cases for shoes even in that short list. By doing this
you can see how people make the mistake of thinking that ‘generalist’ shoes will do the job for
everything they need to do, but then wonder why they either fall apart or do not provide the
required comfort or support.

Sports shoes are available in the hundreds of thousands. Although it can be tempting to opt for the coolest brand or style, a much better idea is to base your choice on the main activities you will use them for.

Closing in on your decision

With this in mind, you can already begin to narrow your search. You can start some research
online to come up with a shortlist and read some reviews about your choices. But if possible, go into a store to try a few pairs on before you buy.

This helps to test your feet in a variety of situations, and you can see how your feet respond to
the different demands of each activity. Regular walking places a very different kind of demand
on your feet and shoes for instance than running does. Running is completely different, and
involves your feet being much higher off the ground than they are when you walk.

This is known as the biomechanical action of each activity. Because of the motion of running,
your heels take the main brunt of your weight, whereas walking is a more evenly distributed
motion across your whole foot. The right shoes for the right activity take these differences into
account with the right padding and protection according to the physical pursuit.

Cool or fit for purpose?

We all want to look good, there is no harm in that. But it is important to feel cool as well as
looking cool with your new shoes. After all, you won’t look very cool if you break down with
blisters after a few games of your tennis match because you have chosen the wrong shoes for
your sport.

Not only that, but the wrong design can also impact your performance and confidence as you
play your chosen sport. Ask one of the many Australian Asics stores to help you evaluate your feet against a few pairs of shoes and talk them through the sports you play
and your typical week.

Even though they will have to upsell targets in mind, you can still pay attention to what they
say. Most good shoe stores will give their staff some training on how to size up shoes correctly, as well as taking into consideration the different types of foot arch and other individualities of feet.

Putting this extra effort just to buy a pair of shoes may seem a little unnecessary at first
thought. But the reality is it can help your lifestyle in many ways such as reducing stress on your feet and joints, reduce your risk of injury during your favorite sports, and help you to focus on your game and not your feet! In everyday life you can also enjoy your walk to work or technical hikes a lot more knowing your feet and ankles are well supported for the activities you are putting them through.

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