What documents do you need for car insurance?

If you have a car, you might end up spending a lot of money maintaining it so that it looks new. However, there might be times when your vehicle undergoes some scratches during those rush times on the road. This is when you need to get your car checked and repaired as soon as possible as it might cost you an enormous amount of money. Here, car insurance comes into play and  here you can also save money with Freeway Insurance

If you have car insurance, it will take care of most damage repairs, demanding a lot of money. Not just that, the liability-only policies will even cover third-party damage done by your car. If you want fast and cheap auto insurance quotes, you need to go through a process. Read on to find out all the documents you will require for the car insurance process.

Document Required For Car Insurance

The process of car insurance can seem daunting, especially for someone who is getting it for the first time. Here are the documents you require for the process:

Driver’s license

There is no doubt that driving without a driving license is a severe offense, and hence you must own a driver’s license to get your car insured. With the help of your license number, insurance companies will take a look at your driving history and determine if you are risky to give the insurance. If you have a clean record, your rates will also be lower. Those who have a poor driving history will have to pay a high price for their car insurance. 

Social security number

This is the most sensitive documentation you will have to provide the company for auto insurance. Social security numbers are not the same for every person. With this number, the insurance companies attain more precise details about the customer. This information also helps the company decide whether to accept or reject a customer application and figure out the price for that customer. 

It is through this number that the provider will check your credit history, criminal charges, and your insurance claims history. Based on your history, the insurer will calculate your premium and weigh the financial risk. 

Your bank information

The insurer will also ask for your account number and the linked bank routing number for setting automatic payments for the premium amount. Apart from enabling auto-payments, some companies can use bank information to take a look at other details such as credit history, payment history, and credit utilization rate. 

Vehicle information

You will also be asked for copies of your vehicle registration. These copies are crucial as proof of owning the vehicle. The provider will get the information of the car like the make, model, and year of the vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the safety and anti-theft features that are present, and an idea of the annual miles the vehicle is going to be driven.

Such details let the provider check different risk levels for the vehicle, such as theft of the vehicle, the possibility of injury in an accident, and a few factors that impact the chance of accidents. 

The insurance company might also check the history of the car to know if there is any damage already done to the vehicle. By learning about the car’s history, insurers can escape from paying for damages that have already happened.

Other documents 

All the documents mentioned above are the mandatory ones that you will need in the process of getting auto insurance. However, there can be other information as well that your auto insurer might want from you. 

For those who have any other family member in the house who is of the driving age, the insurer might lookout for some information about them. The proof of address and information about parking are two standard pieces of information that are often asked apart from the primary ones.


Having all the documents ready can make the process of getting car insurance quite simple for you. Once you have the paperwork in order, what you have to do next is to apply for auto insurance. However, make sure to compare premiums and coverage choices between insurance companies before you end up making your final decision. Also, do keep an eye on discount offers.

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