Digging for Treasure: Exploring Little-Known Methods of Making Money

The modern business world is teeming with innovation, creative minds, and a variety of possibilities. And though tapping into this earning power may seem overwhelming at first, if you open the right doors, anything is possible.

As such, with all of the business ideas out there, it’s hard to narrow your focus down and choose the avenue that’s right for you.

But what many prospective entrepreneurs and business owners don’t typically think about is the huge return on investment (ROI) that comes with some of the most basic business investments and ideas.

You might be looking to invest your money in a certain market, or maybe you’re just looking for the most lucrative business option. Regardless, knowing what options hold the most potential is going to be the key to forming your strategy.

Here, we’ll focus on a few business ideas that have more earning potential than you might realize.

Rental Homes

Today, if you’re able to secure a rental loan to enable you to invest in single-family property rentals, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

The price of rent is currently at an all-time high in 2021, and this is forecast to rise for the next year or so at least. And with the seller’s market in full swing fueled by a demand for homes that exceeds the supply, rental prices can be goldmines if you invest.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted life across the globe, some of the side-effects from the pandemic have been increased revenue across numerous industries, and it just so happens that the real estate market is one sector seeing huge financial gains.

Though most people are looking to buy, the demand for homes is also forcing a lot of people to wait until the housing market price begins to drop, and this is also creating a huge customer pool of renters for investors.


In the professional writing world, you have many options as a writer to choose from. And though many writing jobs that you may find aren’t nearly the top-earning professions that you’d hope for, there is hope with the copywriting space.

Depending on personal business goals, many writers begin writing content for large content mills, or they hire out for pennies on the dollar with sites like Upwork and Fivver. But if you have a bit of business sense about you, developing your own copywriting business can land you big clients with plenty of money to spend on content.

For example, top earners in the copywriting space can bring in over 120,000 per year, with some high earners bringing in up to 20,000 per month. And while the low end usually lands you in the 45-60,000 dollar per year range, this still isn’t considered chump change.

Copywriting requires a bit of marketing knowledge and a command of the written word. So if you enjoy writing, copywriting can be a gold mine if you really take time to learn the trade.

Advertising Space

One of the lesser-known areas where you can make huge profits exists in the advertising space. And you’ve probably passed by these a million times without paying much attention.

Those who invest in billboards actually make a huge profit each month. And this number can be grown exponentially if you own several.

For example, a small to a medium-sized billboard in the right location can earn you anywhere from 300 to 3000 dollars per month. Further, larger billboard spaces can command anywhere between 3,000 and 30,000 per month, depending on the location of course.

If you’re interested in seeing where the billboard business can take you, it might be worth your time, as some owners have reported monthly incomes of 200,000 dollars, and beyond.

Business investments are all around us, and only the savvy business-minded person will know where to look to sniff out great investments. But remember, all business ventures take time and hard work. So if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’re sure to eventually see the reward.

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