Navigating the Legal World: How to Choose the Right Attorney for You

Anyone who has ever stepped into a courtroom knows that there are quite a few terms that are otherwise foreign to anyone not well-versed in legal jargon. And even if you’ve watched court TV your whole life, chances are much of the terminology used is largely unfamiliar to you.

A lawyer spends time in law school for good reason. And this is to learn the art of legal proceedings and the specific language used in court. But there are also a variety of legal specialties as well, and navigating these can be confusing when you need to hire a lawyer.

According to Thomas Aquinas, there are four types of law: Natural law, Eternal law, Human law, and Divine law. But the law that you’ll be concerned with the most is going to be human law. As such, finding the right lawyer is critical to your success in the courtroom.

If you’re trying to find the right attorney for the job, the following will detail a few things you should know.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury law is also known as tort law. And this can refer to injuries sustained to the human body, or to the mind and emotions.

Personal injury often occurs when there is an at-fault, negligent party that has caused undue physical or mental injury, the latter being the most difficult to prove. But in order to file a claim for personal injury, you’re going to need a personal injury attorney.

Personal injury lawyers handle cases that are met with resistance in most instances. This can be due to an injury sustained while at another person’s home, a fight that occurs between two people, or a variety of occurrences where some form of physical or mental injury is sustained and a plaintiff is seeking compensation of some sort.

Property Damage

Sometimes referred to as property injury, property damage occurs when there is a willful or proven negligent act that results in the damage or destruction of one’s personal property.

The property might include anything other than the plaintiff’s body, mind, or emotions in a property injury lawsuit. And this can include damage to an automobile if proven that the damage was willfully done.

For example, an auto accident might be considered property damage only in the event that the other party was considered negligent. However, if an automobile’s tires are slashed or windows busted on purpose, this is defined as classic, willful property damage.

At the end of the day, property damage lawsuits can cover any personal item damaged with willful intention such as a car, a tree, a person’s home, or any other personal property. And this sort of case should be handled by an attorney well-versed in property law.


Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make when entering into the divorce process is choosing an attorney that doesn’t actively practice family law. For example, choosing a corporate attorney for a divorce would be the wrong move.

Further, you may have a personal attorney, but he or she may be best suited for legal matters such as financial contracts, insurance settlements, auto accidents, and the like. Unless an attorney specializes in family law–particularly in divorce law–then you should seek legal counsel specific to your needs.

A lot happens during a divorce. And this is essentially the act of nullifying a marriage contract and entering into a contract of divorce where assets are separated, custody is granted, and stipulations are set for both parties to adhere to.

Divorce attorneys need to be familiar with personal property law, contract law, and a state’s requirements and mandates regarding child custody and visitation rights as well.

Hiring the right attorney might seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But as long as you’re able to narrow your search down to the right field of expertise, finding a competent attorney in your area should be a fairly straightforward process.

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