How to Cope with a Wrongful Dismissal

Leaving a job that you thought you were doing great at can be stressful. From the pressure to find a new job, create a source of income to pay your bills, and bid farewell to your current co-workers, leaving a job is tough. In addition, it’s even more challenging when you are wrongfully dismissed. Wrongful dismissal occurs when an employee gets terminated from their job without reasonable notice.

There are a few types of unjust dismissals an individual can go through, from termination without cause or compensation to material changes to your employment by your employer, forcing you to resign. If you encounter a wrongful dismissal, here is how you can cope with the situation.

Contact an Employment Lawyer

When you’re dealing with a wrongful dismal, you need a professional to guide you through the path. Contact a Toronto employment lawyer and discuss your case with them. As industry professionals with extensive experience representing employees, a law firm can help you handle your wrongful dismissal case.

Without the help of a professional, you might fall into loopholes, allowing your employer to take advantage of you. In addition, a lawyer is qualified to deal with such cases, increasing your chances of being fairly compensated for the dismissal. Gather All Your Old Documents.

Wrongful Dismissal

Gather All Your Old Documents

Take a few days to dig through your old folders and find all documents you have, including your original contract of employment. You may find some proof that could legally bind your employer to stop the wrongful dismissal. You might even be entitled to a higher compensation that your employer isn’t disclosing now.

Put all written documents such as contracts, tax documents, pay stubs, performance reviews, and emails discussing your work termination together and keep them handy for your lawyer. These documents will help you win your case since you have proof to present to higher authorities.

Avoid Signing Any New Contracts

When you’re in the process of leaving your job, higher authorities may try to make amends by offering some compensation or making you sign contracts that save them in case an issue arises. It is in your best interest to discuss the terms with your lawyer before signing any papers.

If the documents consist of legal language you don’t understand, you may fall for a trap that could be challenging to handle. So, take your time and let your employer know you cannot sign anything until you’ve had a conversation with your legal representative. Taking some time now can save you from a big blunder that could cost you in the future.

Wrongful Dismissal

Don’t Engage in Negotiations

When your employer lets you go, they may try to negotiate terms to ensure they don’t fall into legal problems. After you are wrongfully dismissed, don’t engage in conversation with anyone from the workplace. Wait for a lawyer to clarify what you can and cannot do before settling for anything. You might lose out on a great opportunity you were legally entitled to if you rush to negotiate.

Being wrongfully dismissed can be disheartening for any employee. Get legal help before jumping into anything with the employer. Some law firms specialize in employment law and will be at your service to assist you with your wrongful dismissal.

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