7 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers this Week

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1.386 billion users. Ever since it came into the picture, it has started a race of followers. Every influencer wants to beat their competitors, and newcomers are looking for ways to become famous.

Due to this, you will find many interesting and unique ways of getting new IG followers. However, under all the mud, there are still ways to increase your popularity organically.

This article will tell you 7 working ways to increase your Instagram followers this week. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

1. Popular Hashtags

Without any doubt, Hashtags are the game-changers. They can get your followers from 10 to 10k if used correctly. However, not many people know the right way of using tags.
First of all, you have to note down all the hashtags related to your niche. When you search for a tag on Instagram, you will see the number of posts with each one. Save the most used ones and incorporate them with your posts.

With each hashtag, there are different variations with the change of spellings or some other addition. For example, let’s consider #wedding. Once you put it on the search bar, you will see other tags like #weddingdress, #weddingvenue, #weddingphoto, etc.

Each of these tags has dedicated posts and a following. So, use the most popular ones as you have a limit of up to 30 per post.

Note that using the same hashtags for every post will not get you anywhere. Try to post with different ones so that you are visible to a larger audience.

2. Promote Your Account

If you are using Instagram, the chances are that you use other social media platforms as well. That can include Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using these platforms, you can promote your Insta account.

Try unique and smart ways of advertising yourself. Use the link in your Social Media bios, and you can even use it with Facebook stories now. Either way, you will notice a significant increase in your followers in no time.

3. Tag Your Location

Users on Instagram use different features to find out influencers of their favorite niches. They search with various hashtags and locations.

There is an option to pin your current location with every post. It is very helpful for showing your account to more people.

4. Optimize Your Bio and Username

Insta bio can help you reach out to a larger audience. There are various ways of writing an effective bio section. Consider using keywords to pop up in people’s searches and symbols to make it more appealing.

Also, you have to optimize your username correctly. People usually go for the suggested options, which are not readable at all. They contain numbers and unsequenced alphabets. Try to go for a simple and readable username that looks compelling to people.

5. Engage With Your Audience & Other Influencers

Doing simple things, like replying to your followers or interacting with them, gives a good impression. It shows that you care for your audience.

These simple gestures can be pinning someone’s comment or replying to it. Creating an engaging environment on your profile attracts more people.

Also, try to collaborate with other influencers more often. If you are a brand, you can have a joint post(s) with other brands. If you are an individual content creator, it is even easier.
Simply reach out to them in their dm or email, and they will surely respond back. This way, their audience will get to know you. Therefore, you can expect a massive boost in your followers.

6. Define a Target Audience

Every brand and influencer has a dedicated following. That is mainly because their content is targeted at a specific group of people. They try to be more grounded instead of being more general. This way, people can easily discover them and will show their dedication.

You can do that too. First, you have to find out answers to some questions. How Old is Your Audience? Where do they live? What Type of Content do they consume?

Once you have figured out the answers, you can start gaining dedicated followers. The benefit of such an audience is that they are attracted to your profile because of your content. So, even if you make a slight change, they will stay.

On the other hand, temporary followers will leave. Hence, it is best to define a target audience.

7. Post Consistently

In the end, it all comes down to consistency. It is the key to gaining Instagram followers. No matter what tactics you try, if you are not regular with your posts, you will not go big.
The best way to do that is to schedule your posts. Make specific timings to upload new content. For instance, if you find that most of your followers are available in the afternoon, then post at that time.

You will hear from many people, like upload at night or morning, etc. The thing is that it does not work for all people. As mentioned earlier, there is a target audience for every person on Instagram. So, the best way is to find their convenience, rather than yours.

There is another factor in consistency. And that is about the quality and theme of your content. If people follow you for a specific type of content, the right way is to stick with it. Making changes is a big risk. Plus, it is always best to stay within a certain theme and aesthetics.


Buying inorganic Instagram followers is not the right way as it involves a lot of scams. Therefore, you should choose the real and safe options. And of the many different social buying websites and services listed online, it’s important to make sure you put in the time and effort to research each.

All the methods mentioned above will help you gain a significant number of followers in less time. Start using them now and notice the change after a week. And, always remember that consistency will get you places.

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