Keeping Up With Current Trends: The Importance of Functional Technology

The working world has become functionally unrecognizable in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the initial aftershock of the pandemic, when companies had to lay off employees and rely on skeleton crews, the unexpected duration of the disaster has forced a widespread shift in most industries toward remote and digital operations. That shift should be described as clunkily implemented at best, as companies scrambled to adapt existing tech to an entirely new, mostly digital and remote working environment.

This has been hard for industries of all kinds, especially those that were already struggling with technology that’s outdated or not as functional as it needs to be. Though our culture has been transitioning to more digitally-based operations gradually for a while now, many businesses were either resisting that change or attempting to make do with the outdated tech they had: with the pandemic still raging and customers becoming used to conducting business remotely, that is no longer an option. Businesses that don’t put forth the effort now to update their tech may find themselves subsumed by competition that does: just take a look at the ongoing struggle between Walmart and Amazon for years now.

Deciding to take the necessary steps to provide your business with the technological capability it will need to survive in the future now will put you in the running in the coming years, ensuring your survivability. Read on for a few concrete reasons why investing in new tech or even an IT company to fix your existing tech might be the right call.

Employee Satisfaction

Doing your job can be a lot harder if you’re working with clunky tech, an unfortunate reality that employees across industries have had to cope with for years. Whether the employee in question is a server struggling with an incompetent POS system that glitches and loses orders, or an accountant struggling with slow computers that crash on the hour every hour, ancient tech can both slow productivity and have a significant impact on employee morale.

Choosing to either invest in new tech or hire an IT company specific to your area to work out the kinks in your tech will have a significant effect on your employee’s opinion of your company; If your business is stationed in New Orleans, for example, you will want to hire a company that performs New Orleans managed IT services so they can be on call to fix issues as they occur.

Having help within reach, as well as new tech if necessary, can do a lot for employee morale, convincing them that the company does, in fact, care about the quality of their day-to-day experience.

Protection From Cyber Threats

Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing threats to businesses across industries in the U.S., with cybercrime being responsible for an ever-increasing amount of data and assets lost per year. With a low overall cost of entry, cybercriminals can purchase a hacking kit for as little as a dollar, hack into the systems of unprepared businesses, and steal thousands of dollars of data in minutes.

Businesses that are less equipped to protect themselves against this threat (i.e., businesses that do not have the tech or the tech support to protect themselves) may find that they are the targets of such attacks more often. As such, making sure that all of your computers are protected with up-to-date antivirus software at a bare minimum is absolutely necessary, as is making sure that employees are up to date on cybersecurity best practices.

Ability to Provide Further Remote and Digital Services

As the pandemic continues to evolve and customers continue to expect greater levels of convenience and integration with digital realms from their companies, investing in state-of-the-art tech will prepare your business to provide more and greater remote and digital services. That could be of use if another disaster like the pandemic strikes and in-person business becomes impossible, but more likely, it will help prepare you for an almost certainly entirely-digital future.

Investing in technology now will pay off in spades as the integration of technology into every facet of our lives proceeds at an unprecedented rate. If you want to stay competitive, ensure that your employees have a positive quality of life, and protect your business from cyber threats, you may want to invest in new tech or an IT support company sooner rather than later.

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