What Should We Know Before Using IT Programmers in Vietnam?

In recent years, software outsourcing companies in Vietnam have been a fast-growing industry in Vietnam. The country is now one of the most popular destinations for IT programmers and software development companies worldwide. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may be considering hiring IT programming services abroad to save money and time on your software projects. 

But before doing so, it’s important to understand what you should know about using Vietnamese software outsourcing. This blog post will provide some insight into this topic by discussing some things that every company should consider before working with foreign developers for their next project.

Things You Need to Know Before Hiring IT Programmers in Vietnam

It is no surprise that Vietnam has been on the top of many countries’ lists for software outsourcing. This country’s investment in operating offshore development centers has attracted business from Japan, Singapore, Australia, and some European nations to provide their services here too. The Offshore software outsourcing in data analytics helps companies to build long-term advantages in the latest growth and optimization in the budget.Though India had occupied the second place before now, it just doesn’t seem enough competition when you consider all these new players taking over lately – especially considering how fast things change around us every day due to globalization. 

The trend in software outsourcing is on the rise. It’s important to understand why before you decide where to find it, as one size does not fit all with this market.

 Insight-driven companies are turning more and more towards offshore software development companies and custom software development companies instead of dealing directly with customers or vendors. This is because they can save time by having experts handle tasks that might otherwise be too difficult for someone without extensive experience. However, they still require attention from management-level employees who know what needs doing underneath every surface layer upon layer. Something only those at high enough levels would have access to. Now isn’t this reason alone enough to strategize?

IT professionals

The number of software development companies has been growing at a fast pace. Twenty years ago, the country only had about 1 million active professionals working within it, and now they number over 30 thousand with 80 000 graduates per year. This rapid growth can be attributed to many supportive policies put forth by the Vietnamese government who recognize how important this electronic technology is for economic development.

Vietnam is a country that has some of the best developers in AI. Although they are not as creative or innovative in technology, their English language skills make up for this deficiency. Most managers and team leaders possess excellent proficiency levels, while others only have intermediate abilities somewhere between speaking aloud versus writing down what was said. These people work closely with clients from other countries where cultural misunderstandings can occur easily. This is because there’s no way around explaining things slowly enough. Therefore, everyone understands exactly how something works without any errors made along the way. 

Vietnam has been a success story for software outsourcing in the Vietnamese market. However, there is still a lack of seniority and workers in the software development companies in Vietnam. The youthfulness of this country’s IT workforce means that it can be difficult to find someone who knows their stuff when you need them most on specific projects.

Production Cost

Vietnam is the land of opportunity for any business looking to save money. With labor costing 90% less than what you would find in America, many clients expect that software outsourcing their projects will result in some sort of cost reduction. Especially at Ho Chi Minh City due to its high potency on infrastructure human resources and lower operational costs and delivered service standard here. This will attract techpreneurs from overseas or within the country itself alike because they want an affordable solution without sacrificing quality workmanship. Services range anywhere between $15-$40 per hour. 

Government Initiatives and Social Stability

Vietnam is one of the most stable countries in the Asia Pacific with regard to both political and economic risk. A study by UNDP ranked Vietnam at number 14 out 21 eligible countries for doing business, according to their safety levels compared against other areas such as religious or cultural persecution.

Immigration has been a hot topic since World War II, when millions came into America seeking refuge from violence overseas. However, today’s immigration policies differ greatly across borders – some letting nearly anyone come while others turn away entire boatloads without so much as an interview process.

With recent efforts, the government is making Ho Chi Minh City a shining example for other regions. The city has been through many changes and transformations over time. However, it’s now seen as an economic powerhouse in Vietnam and on par with its international counterparts such as Silicon Valley.

The Vietnamese capital offers more than just breathtaking scenery which includes the best software development companies in Vietnam. There are opportunities available if you’re willing – or can be convinced by those close enough to take advantage of them.

In 2020, the Vietnamese government hoped to create a Smart City with an advanced infrastructure that would serve as both an economic engine and technological hub. The Eastern Town project is cultivating 22000 hectares of land in Ho Chi Minh City’s eastern financial district, including two universities (Thu Duc University) alongside other hi-tech industries like IT parks or start-ups looking for office space near major universities because they want their students involved too.

Digital Infrastructure & Digital Economy

In the past five years, digital infrastructure in Vietnam has been growing at an impressive rate. Despite some limitations due to a lack of sophisticated technology and bandwidths available for businesses. There is no arguing with their third-ranking amongst countries within Southeast Asia when it comes down to how many High Technology Exports they’ve produced per year during this period. With plans from 2025 onward aiming towards surpassing US$33 billion worth by then, it’s clear that you can bank on these people knowing what works best.

Vietnam is striving to become more digitally inclined in a world where data and transmission speeds are still at the basics. The government has set 2021 as its deadline for rolling out 5G services in order to create an environment that fosters innovation through technology adoption. This will be implemented across various industries, from healthcare right down into agriculture, with Intellectual Property protection playing such an integral role throughout this process.

Final Thoughts

This blog post has provided you with some insight into how software development companies in Vietnam can assist your business in software outsourcing projects. While hiring foreign developers is not for every company, the benefits of doing so are usually worth taking a risk on an inexperienced programmer. This article also gave you information about what should be considered before using Vietnam software outsourcing. If you consider outsourcing software development to this country, make sure that your company can handle the risk of working with less experienced developers.

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